First Blog!

Holy bumballs batman, I finally did it, be prepared children, for this night something awful has happened, I have discovered a place in which to vent the perversions of my tiny mind *insert maniacal laughter here*. Ok, so maybe you'll just see lots of second life avatar outfits and the odd music video, but you cant blame a girl for preparing you for the worst *winks*. 
I would like to say that at this point I am not sponsored by anyone, nor am I particularly wealthy and so most of what you will see will involve freebies/ hunt items/ gacha items and the odd lucky chair win that have accumulated themselves into outfits over time while piling up in my inventory for the past year. What does that mean for you? Well, not much, unless you plan on recreating my looks exactly, then, well, you may be out of luck, but I will link to every store I know of just for you if you should like to purchase anything shown.
Lets get on with the Barbie.

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