Never Dance Again!

Looks like Lyl could be in a spot of bother with the law...

I swear, he ran out right in front of me,officer!

Being obsessed with everything 80s lately has left me listening to Rick Astley without needing to be Rick rolled, and shopping for the biggest hair, the brightest colours, and having altogether too much fun playing poofy haired Barbie.
Listening to a song by one of my all time favourites, Blue Stahli, I decided what would be more fun for my first outfit post than to run someone over while looking like you belong in an episode of Miami Vice? Don't give me that look, I did warn you I was a little twisted. Here is the very song to pleasure your ear holes! Shhhhh, just hit play, just take it, you'll like it, trust me *winks*

On to the outfit! Though I can't tell you what my dear corpse friend is wearing, I can give you the details on Lyl's ensemble and the poses used in the shot.

The complete look:
Skin - Belleza Ellie Gacha 3 RARE (The Arcade Jun2013)
Tattoo - {micelets} Vintage Mice Tattoo (mp only)
Nails - -Nemezi- Cross Nails (mp only)
Dress - Ricielli Kalli minidress [bic] Easter Hunt Item #19 (store only)
Leggings - .:Nerdosaurus:. Leggies [Black] (mp only)
Clutch - Ricielli Gia Clutch [Yellow] Easter Hunt Item #9 (store only)
Bracelets - Left: Omen Spiked Bracelet [Darkness] & [Metal #1] (cheaper in store)
                     Right: Erratic Leather Chained Bracelet [Black]
Ring - Cute Poison Star Ring [Black] (store only)
Necklace - Adore&Abhor Drippy Necklace - Vicious [Gold] (The Arcade Jun2013)

Poses used:
'The "Accident"': Enchant3D Diorama - Chalk Outline Pose (mp only)
                                  Focus Poses Pin-up set 2 [4]
Model Shots : Purple Poses Olivia 06 & Sara 01
                           Bare Rose Tokyo Nirvana Standing [D] (store only gift)

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