All our stories and all our glory I held so dear.

I think this ensemble speaks for itself. I have stuffed Lyl into some odd things in her time as my tiny little pixel dolly, but this gown is something I find truly beautiful. I'm going to have trouble topping it as one of my favourite outfits of my time on SL. I was originally after the black version but I am so glad the red landed in my lap.

The Complete Look:

Skin - Essences Whisper *Forgive me* 03 [light rose brunette] (store only - The Dressing Room special Aug2013)
Eyes - Ikon Ardent Eyes [Pewter] (store only)
Makeup - A Netherworld Veiny Eyes [Red] (Twisted Hunt gift 2013)
                  PMD Tili (store only)
Lashes - Demi's Starshine Red Tipped Lashes (Beauty Vamp Gift 2013)
Hair - Faenzo Uffie [Dark Black] (mp only)
Hands - SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands [Casual] (store only)
Gown - Junbug The Queen Gown [Blood Red] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival Rare Oct 2013)
Ruff - Junbug The Queen Ruff Collar [Crimson] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival Oct2013)
Crown - Mystic Hope Lucyas Sister (store freebie)
              DRD Dragon Ring (Hunt gift)


Walkway: Elephante Poses Delicate #4 (store only)
Model Shots: Expressive Poses Sofy 2 & 3 (mp only)

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