Come rattle these bones

It's that time of year again, Halloween, Day of The Dead, autumn/fall, the final death knell of summer, and the uprising of awesome death themed outfits! I'm trying not to be too happy about the death and the bones and the ADORABLE GLITTER SKULL HAT, but.... I think I'm failing.

On my travels around the little miniverse that is SL I happened upon something called Flux, it is only a small event but, as you can guess, the theme is day of the dead! There are a few vendors and some amazing gachas that Lyl may have touched inappropriately to make them give her the things she wanted, but I'm pretty sure they enjoyed it. If you do visit, be sure to say 'hi' to neon Jesus, I think he's lonely just chilling in the corner all on his lonesome.

I also have a little new item teaser for you from Heartistic Expressions in the form of her rigged (yes, I know, you may commence the happy clapping) mesh candy necklace, it sits around the avatar's neck and in the mouth moving with your animations, no more ugly floating prims or broken looking jewellery noms. It comes in multiple colour ways and the ultra rare item is candy corn orange with a little candy corn for your mouth but the lovely Heart has also made a purple version, because purple tastes like grape, and because she can say purple in an English accent, I'm not making it up, its an actual hidden talent :P

The Complete Look:

Skin - [Void] Body Shop Farra(doll) Phobia GenX II (an old skin of mine and can't find the store :<, if anyone has the link please leave a comment!)
Makeup - !TLB Skellington Face Tattoo (store only)
Hair - Exile Wide Awake Naturals [Raven] (store only)
Hands - SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands [Casual] (store only)
Bodysuit - *TSM* Death's Devotion Bodysuit [Sugagoth] (Flux exclusive gacha)
Skirt - *TSM* Death's Devotion Tutu [Sugagoth] (Flux exclusive gacha uncommon)
Headdress - *TSM* Death's Devotion Headdress [Sugagoth] (Flux exclusive gacha rare)
Key - i love 13: "screw" Doll Key (mp only)
Bracelets - Scrub Achmed Hand (sore only)
                     MG Loa Happy Magick Skulls (Collabor88 Oct2013)
Necklaces - Heartistic Expressions Candy Necklace [p/b/w] (Preview! now available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival!)
                       Scrub Cameo Necklace (store only)
                       Pixel Box Rosary "Miracle" (lady)


Feature shot: Sopherian Kimberly 04 (mp only)
Model shots: Elephante Poses Five Little Monkeys #2 (store only)
                 03 insecure (mp only)
                          Malcheese Show off Nail&Shoes Pose (mp only)

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