Walking On Air

This outfit largely invented itself, during a trading session for Arcade gacha items someone had these nail guards on their list and I knew I had to try them. Unusual stuff really appeals to me and I've been wanting to take Lyl to some stranger places for a while now. Adding that to the gorgeously milky skin that came out from Riel on this week's Woeful Wednesday made me feel like this lot really had a mind of it's own.

The Complete Look:

Skin - Riel Spell [Ivory] (Woeful Wednesday 11th December 2013 still available as of posting date!)
Eyes - Ikon Ardent Eyes [Pewter] (store only)
Makeup - A Netherworld Veiny Eyes [Black] (Twisted Hunt gift 2013)
                  Nemezi Galaxy [Black] (mp only)
                  Void Lipstick New Gen [Splash Gloss]
Hair - Faenzo Uffie [Dark Black] (mp only)
Hands - SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands [Casual] (store only)
Feet - SLink Avatar Enhancement Feet [Medium] (store only)
Top - Ricielli Mini Top [Black] (Halloween Hunt 2013 #6)
Skirt - Ricielli High Waisted Bandage Skirt [Gold] (Viet's Birthday Hunt 2013 #3)
Shoes - Ison Gladiator sandals [Black] (Collabor88 October 2013)
Epaulettes - Gizza Epaulette Set [Purple] (The Arcade March 2013, store only)
Bracelets - Miss LT Studio Creations Goldenwork Bracelet [Gold] (mp only)
                     Fina Jewellery Mesh Spike Double Bracelet
Ring - MG Duchess Dazzle [Large Left Gold]
Nail Guards - Dita's Diabolique Gilded Lily Nail Guard (Typhoon Relief Rally Event Gacha)


Flying: Unslutty and Undead Movie Star Poses 2 [Thedaperched]
Model Shots: IOS Amy #5
                          Fudge Pose2
                          Posesion I Am Sexy 3

This skin can be blanched out in harsher and brighter windlights but is very, very, forgiving to darker and more atmospheric settings (a MUST for my gothic skins). The above shots are using AnaLu avatar optimal settings (whiter), the below is with AnaLu Studio 2 in Firestorm.

Not only do I bring you an outfit, today I bring you news (all be it a good few weeks old now) of newness from Heartistic!

This is the second hud available for the rigged mesh 'pain' piercing, there are 5 patterns available and one plain ribbon, all of which can be recoloured extensively, from pure white to deep black and any colour of the rainbow inbetween. The three patterns shown are the plain white base ribbon, the bat pattern, and houndstooth, all of which were set to the same colour on the hud, the plain ribbon allows for either very vibrant or very pastel and pretty colours.

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