You Run From Your Shadow

Lyl decided, since it *is* the season to be jolly, to remind everyone that some things do still go bump in the night. Oh yes, sometimes, even good little boys and girls have to hide their toys from sneaky little demons coming to snatch them in the dark.

The Complete Look:
Skin - Style By Kira Elora Skin 02K
Eyes - Ikon Witch Eyes [Death]
Makeup - Void Lipstick New Gen [Black Gloss]
Hair - Magika Tendency [Fades03]
Hands - SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands [Casual]
Nails - By Snow Slink Nail Applier Fashionable Black
Jacket - The Little Bat Daphne Coat [Purple] (Gothmas by Gaslight Gacha)
Trousers - The Little Bat Pinstripe Jeans [Black] (Twisted Hunt 2013 gacha)
Shoes - Barathrum Ankle Boot [Sinner] (modifiable)
Horns - Aisling Truffles [Reglisse] (OMG gacha common, now in the gacha section in store)
Hair Clip - A Netherworld Lia's Dress Skully Hair Clip [Gray] (part of an old hunt gift outfit, other colours available in the closing sale!)
Piercings - The :Hebenon Vial: 'Anonymous' [Ink]
Collar - The :Hebenon Vial: Clockwork Collar Burlesque (take the in store tp to discount area)
Wings - Schadenfreude Mannequiel Wings (mp only)
Bracelet - MG Loa Happy Magick Skulls (Collabor88 Oct2013)
Rings - MG Roho [Black Silver Small R]
              Scrub DP Cameo Ring (old hunt gift)
Tail - Hyperborea Devil Tail [Black]

Creepy Creeper: Fwee04 (mp only)
Model Shots: .vix Hands All Over 1 (mp only)
                          Elephante Poses Delicate #4 (store only)

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