I Don't Know What To Do With Myself

Lyl has never been one for responsibility, even as they slid the royal bracers on to her wrists, after all, you can never turn a witch into a queen.

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is due to begin on the 1st of February! I can not wait to trade all the goodies I've managed to get my hands on with my early pass thanks to the wonderful girls at Decadent Courtesan and Rivendale! The dress and tiara Lyl is wearing are from the rare white 'Longest Night' outfit from Decadent Courtesan this round. The dress itself is beautiful and unusual (the spot on the front in the photo is a shadow, not part of the texture ;D), but the sheer amount of accessories you get with it is fantastic, and, frankly just one rare pack has spurred me to make 4 outfits to show each piece off (I'm a mix and matcher, I can't help it!). I've chosen to display 3 pieces from the set this time around, the dress, the wonderful opal tiara (yes that *is* opal) and the pretty little belly jewel. Adding to this I decided to step outside of the Gacha event to showcase some pretty pieces you can get your grubby mitts on now in preparation for the event! 

The Outfit:


Skin - Belleza Lily v.2 Fair [3]
Eyes - Dead Apples Sorrow Eyes [Blue] (group gift)
Makeup - Dead Apples Lipgloss
Hands - SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands [Casual]
Nails - Intrepid Inner Peace [White]


Dress - Decadent Courtesan Longest Night [White RARE] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival February 2014)


Tiara - Decadent Courtesan Longest Night [White RARE] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival February 2014)
Shoulders - Luas Inferno Fur Shoulders [White RARE] (store gacha)
Belly Jewel - Decadent Courtesan Longest Night [White RARE] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival February 2014)
Bracers - Omen Stormborn Bracer [Silver] (group gift)
Rings - DRD Dragon Ring (Hunt gift)


To Be Free: Expressive Poses Rita [3]
Model Shots: Expressive Poses Rita [4]


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