Updates and Stuff!

My sincerest apologies for not updating in so long, after a real life birthday, working on content for my store, and a new regular job, it's taking away most of my bloggy time. Lucky for me though I am ill! Yay for the flu and things? I feel awful (really, I can not understate this -.-) but have a little more time at the computer, however unproductive it is turning out to be, so there may well be a couple of blog posts to follow next week if I can kick my ass to get some photos taken today.

A little list of the events I am going to be waving at your face in the next 2-3 posts is:

There will probably be more older items and regular store content too, but these events are due to end quickly so get in there while you have the chance!

As always, a little of my motivational viewing ;D

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