Hallowed Ground

Watching and waiting death whispers her song.
Soft, sweet, echoes soothe these rotten bones.

A very warm welcome to our new sponsors Happy Undead, Infinite, and Insitu!

I will add, though, that this dress was not a blogger pack item or a review copy but something I bought a while ago (before we even started this blog) because I fell in love with it and have worn it on my dolly often since then. Some pieces tend to stick with me and every piece I have ever bought from Happy Undead has been a consistent staple of Lyl's wardrobe (those of you who have known me since I joined SL will be familiar with my continual obsession with fluff boots and one black vinyl miniskirt).



Skin - Glam Affair Neva Horror [03]
Eyes - Clemmm The Whites [Darker]
Hair - Spellbound Hecate [Monochrome]
Makeup - Random Matter Perfectly Flawed [Dark Circles] 90L @ The Thrift Shop
Hands - SLink [Gesture]
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails [Shades Of Grey Gradients] 50L @ Woeful Wednesday
Edit: these nails will stay available at this price all weekend :D



Halo - Random Matter Deucalion Halo [Black] @ We <3 Roleplay
Circlet - Keystone Corva [Onyx] @ We <3 Roleplay
(In-World store under construction, will update with a link as soon as)
Cords - Illusions Cord [Armband]
Bracelet - Illusions Cord [Bracelet]
Snake - Opopop Snake V#1.07 75L @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
(Not sure if this is supposed to still be open but it was still there as of posting date!)


Photo 1: Innsmouth
Photo 2: H22O
(Beware slower machines venturing here)

Sorry about the lack of close-up shots, my game kept crashing for some silly reason while I was trying to take them. For larger shots and more detail head over to my Flickr in the sidebar!

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