Don't, I know, I'm sorry...

Deep breaths now, we can do this, he isn't that powerful, we can resist it..



I don't know what it is about a cheesy Will Smith pop song, but they get me every damn time, in the car, on the radio, in a store, when they come on, I *have* to sing along, it is, quite honestly, an irrepressible compulsion.

Tonight kids we will mostly be in space.
Gachas at Omg oh my Gacha stole my lunch money, then they turned me upside down and shook out the contents of my pockets.
I'm taking it back to my oldschool SL raver girl wardrobe, if you've known me long enough you will remember my days of dressing Lyl up like some kind of a terrible experimental cross between a deep sea jellyfish, a cat, and a pullip doll. 

Needless to say, it was awesome.

Though you may not see me bringing the baggy prim pants back, I still have a rather large soft spot for all things glow-in-the-dark and ridiculous.
Please excuse the crappy backdrop, I ran out of time to make something epic with galaxies and what not, so I'm just going to let Lyl float about a bit, though with that much freedom there is a marginal risk that she will mug you if you are carrying glow sticks anywhere upon your person.



Skin - PumeC Marina [Winter]
Eyes - Insitu Starry Sky [Green]
(store is in the process of relocation, they will be out for sale again soon!)
Hair - Ploom Inge [Colours] Omg oh my Gacha July 2014
Hairbase - Tameless Buzzed Hairbase [Midnight]
(part of the Trinity hair pack)
Hands - SLink [Casual]
SLink [Gesture]
Feet - SLink [Flat]


Lashes - La Malvada Mujer Fake [B&W] 55L
Liner - Beautiful Freak Drusilla Eyeliner [White]
Lips - Lovely Disarray The Ophidian Glare [Lip]
Nails - By Snow Circuit [Carbon] 50L


Hoodie - Happy Undead Short Hoodie [Black]
(includes appliers for slink, and lolas/lush)
Skirt - Happy Undead Mini Skirt Touched [Pink/Toxic]
(includes a crapload of sizes for all avi shapes and sizes including mesh butts!)
Leggings - Miss Canning Leggings [Rayo]
(very old promo item no longer available)
Shoes - NeverWish Bubble Star [Green] 50L Omg oh my Gacha July 2014


Brows - Random Matter Bubsy Star Brows
Headband - Random Matter Rockets Rule [Buzz Lightyear - Rare] (old store gacha)
Piercings - Hebenon Vial The Minimalist [Ink]
Alien Baby - Swagga Zorgie [Mystic - Rare] 75L Omg oh my Gacha July 2014
Necklace - Spellbound Cookie Necklace [Poison Black/Green] 50L Omg oh my Gacha July 2014
Bracelet - ColdAmbitionz Zipper Bracelet [Grape] 60L Omg oh my Gacha July 2014
Ring - Cute Poison Skull Ring [Green] 50L Omg oh my Gacha July 2014


Floating: Expressive Poses Moa 0L
Model Shots: Expressive Poses Moa 0L
Malcheese Show Off 0L

I miss those shoes that used to light up when you walked, lets bring those back, lets make it the next big thing in pedestrian safety.
'Going for a walk? Is it dark? Raining? Foggy? Low visibility can stop drivers from being able to see you, wear these NEW JML Stomp Lights! The all new JML Stomp Light helps drivers to see you whenever you take a step, and they come in a variety of colours and sizes for all ages.
Available at Wilkinsons, 99p Stores, and all good retailers.'
Don't act like you wouldn't buy that.
Though I'm pretty sure it could possibly cause more accidents than it would prevent.

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