Double, Double...

.... toil and trouble.

Elements should be in harmony, but every so often 'somebody' leaves a tornado loose in the house, so mud magically appeared all over 'someone's' sparkle cloud throne.

Don't look at me like that. Poor Boris couldn't get down from the rafters for a week.

Our awesome sponsors at RivendaleKitty Moon, and Distorted Dreams have all made gorgeous new items for us to splash all over the interwebs \o/. 

Rivendale made a beautiful skybox that makes us squee every time we log in and realise its our house! It sparkles, glitters, glows, and there is too much of it to show in just one post, so expect others in the future ;D. Kitty Moon has fantastic little bead curtains and bead chain ornaments that sparkle and chime over at Totally Top Shelf, they make really cute additions to your magical decor. Fear not! Your dresses have not been forgotten! Distorted Dreams have a draped and belted long dress that will bring out the swamp beast in you at The Fantasy Collective, and beautiful elemental masks over at Totally Top Shelf, but hurry if you want them, Totally Top Shelf closes on the 31st!

Bishy 'Glitter Fart' Baby
Elemental Air


Skin: [KOOQLA] - Bisquit (pure)

Eyes: Buzzeri - Ardent Eyes (angel)
Hands: SLink [Splayed]
Feet: SLink [High]
Hair: *ARGRACE* - Akane (white)


Eye Makeup: Schadenfreude - cloud circle full @ Collabor88


Dress: (2chez) Lilith white open gown


Mask: Distorted Dreams - Air Mask @ Totally Top Shelf

Necklace: >glYph< - Poisonous necklace (white opal) @ Totally Top Shelf
(The brand is still very new so only doing events at the moment, but they will be setting up a shop at that location very soon!)
Wrap: {aii} - Hagoromo II Shiro
Orbs: {aii} - Spirit essence aura (10L) 
Chest glitter: .la petite morte. - chest glitter & Face glitter (tintable!)
Sparkles: Boudoir -  Floating stars (part of whispering stars outfit)


Group picture and film strip: RACK poses - elements single pose pack

Cloud prop: Boudoir - Hope (cloud) (90L)
Beads in filmstrip: KM Curtain Moon Elements

Lyl 'The Swamp Beast' Witch

Elemental Earth


Skin - PumeC Lara [Summer RARE] 99L @ The Gacha Mania

Eyes & Glow - Gauze Sin Eyes [Demon Envy] 100L
Hair - Moon Hair Unreflected [Greyscales]
Hairbase - Exile Hairbases [Raven] 0L
Mouth - Loud Mouth [Brandee]
Teeth - Loud Mouth [Vampire]
Hands - SLink [Flat]
Feet - SLink [High]


Dark Circles - Random Matter Perfectly Flawed [Dark Circles] 90L

Eye Bags - Random Matter Perfectly Flawed [Eyebags] 90L
Nails - By Snow Nightshade Flesh II 25L
Dirty Hands - Battle Fairy Dirty Hands Tattoo 75L
Dirty Feet - Battle Fairy Dirty Feet Tattoo 75L
Tattoo - Little Pricks Voodu [w/o symbol] @ The Fantasy Collective


Dress - Distorted Dreams Swamp Witch [Mud] 250L @ The Fantasy Collective

Leg Guards - BubbleGoth Feat Things Vikinglady Socks [Brown RARE] 75L @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Horns - Attic Roots Myth Gacha [Horn RARE] 60L The Fantasy Collective

Branches - Shi Tree Of Life @ Collabor88
Spellbook - May's Soul Spellbook With Snake @ The Fantasy Collective


Boris Hates You: Elephante Poses Feel The Magic @ We <3 Role Play

Slither: EverGlow Gifts 1L (store gift)


Skybox - Rivendale Witchy Skybox 1700L
Beads - Kitty Moon Curtain Moon Elements @ Totally Top Shelf
 Library - Dysfunctional Designs Library Set
Alchemy Lab - Dysfunctional Designs Alembic & Alchemy Table
Candles - Dysfunctional Designs Wall Candles
Summoning Circle - Black Tulip Magick - Invocation (previous Twisted Hunt gift)
Magic Runes - LGM Magic Spellcircle 20L
Boris - Entity Decorative Snake 80L

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