She's A Monster

If you're not scared now, you should be.

Dark Passions is over at the HP Lovecraft festival with these freakin awesome cthulhu rings, they are 50L per play and 50% of the proceeds are donated to Autcom, a charity dedicated to social justice for those with autism. If, like me, you aren't satisfied with keeping them as little hand adornments you can rez them out, teeny tiny they are 4LI, and blown up to the size as seen in the image, they are only 11LI each! So having a massive tentacle beast bursting through your floor or wall or sofa or significant other's face, is wonderfully prim limit friendly :P

The Outfit:


Skin - PumeC Lara [Summer RARE] 99L @ The Gacha Mania

Eyes - Buzzeri Arcane Eyes [Amber] 70L
Hair - Little Bones Two Weeks no.2 [DipDye&Fades] 75L @ The Chapter Four
Mouth - Loud Mouth [Brandee]
Teeth - Loud Mouth [Vampire]
Hands - SLink [Flat]
Feet - SLink [Flat]
Toenails - SLink Claw Toenails Flat
Bum - uLukie Cutie Booty
The ghetto booty is currently off the market and the store is closed due to a DMCA, I have no idea why or if/when they will be back. Ursula has issued a message via her tumblr here. I really *really* hope this is just a temporary situation.


Dark Circles - Random Matter Perfectly Flawed [Dark Circles] 90L

Eye Bags - Random Matter Perfectly Flawed [Eyebags] 90L
Eye Liner - Lovely Disarray Thick Liner:Liquid Latex [Darker] 10L
Lipstick - Nox Acid Lip [Red] 65L
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails [Shades Of Red Gradients] 99L
Dark Passions Koffin Nails [Shades Of Grey Gradients] 99L


Top - Faun Shady Lady Distressed Crop [Black] 55L @ Fi*Friday

Knickers - Epic Black Panties (no idea what set or gift these came with! D:)
Stockings - Le Forme Sinner Garter & Socks [Ripped] @ District 5


Piercing - Hebenon Vial Anonymous [Ink]

(heavily edited to fit Loud Mouth and no longer available, but new collection hits on the 31st of August!)
Earrings - Lil Things Black Cross Earrings 5L
Necklaces - Amaya Matte Black Chain [Hate] 50L @ N21
Wolves By Nature The Crucible Necklace 55L @ Fi Friday
Bracelets - Chary Gaia Bracelets [Black] @ N21
Ring - Dark Passions Obnoxious Tentacle Ring [Eye Of The Cthulhu RARE] 50L @ Lovecraft Festival 2014


Summoned - Vix Hands All Over 0L

Model Shots - Pose+ivity Kayla


Backdrop - Lustrage Cast A Spell
Tentacles - Dark Passions Obnoxious Tentacle Ring [Sigil Of The Gateway Red] 50L Lovecraft Festival 2014

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