We Are Young

I can't leave the time machine alone.
We're going back to the 80s.

Lyl can not be separated from her leotard, she has found her new vocation, as the little green demon of the dance floor.

I blame Dark Passions and Invader for planting the seeds of 80s dance rebellion into her tiny pixel mind. She's usually so easy to redirect with mild violence or an hour with something that goes boom, but not even the charms of Jamie Hyneman can win out over Pat Benatar right now.
The gorgeous nails on Lyl's hands are Dark Passions' offering for the Apply Your Body Hunt and are only 0L, if you can find them ;D. The awesome leotard from Invader comes in a selection of colours from Neons to muted white and grey and can be found for 110L from this round of Whore Couture


Skin - Aya Zoey [Applesauce Cake/Natural] (part of fat pack)
Eyes - Ikon Vanity Eyes [Hazel]
Hair - Blues Minky [Night] 60L @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Body - Maitreya Lara
Hands - SLink [Elegant1]
Feet - SLink [Mid]


Brows - Arise Mana Eyebrows 79L
Nails - Hands: Dark Passions Koffin Nails [80s Neon Lights] 0L (Apply Your Body Hunt gift)
Feet: Dark Passions Koffin Nails [Chipped] 99L


Leotard - Invader Ranger Miami [Lime] 110L @ Whore Couture
Leggings - Forever Young High Waist Leggings [Pack 01/Black]
Legwarmers - Suicidal Unborn Ombre Legwarmers 0L (group gift 300L join fee)


Sweat Band - Izzie's 80s Headband 5L (part of set)


Heartache - Verocity Zoe Ballet Set 1 1L
No Promises - Verocity Zoe Ballet Set 2 1L
Model Shots - Signature Pose Adam 100L


Bar - Cinphul Delusory [Barre] 49L

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