Come Down And Join The Circus

Are you ready for your story time children?
Good. Then I'll begin.
Once upon a time there was a very pretty young girl who, when visiting the carnival one clear summer night, fell madly in love with a magician. He was brilliant, handsome, and mad, of course. All the best magicians are. The young girl was so enamoured with her new beau that she ran away with him, creating new acts for his show, from the ever popular woman sawn in half, to the more inventive clown massacres.
Needless to say, after the news of their bloody rampages reached the papers, the law finally caught up with them and the whole sad troop was tried for their terrible crimes.
Our poor young girl was so confused, it had never crossed her mind that the saw should be fake, or that the audience members should survive the evening's entertainment. Alas the magician was hanged outside the very asylum they placed the young girl in to, she watched, as his corpse swung in the gentle night breeze, and vowed her revenge.
Foolishly the asylum doctors allowed this young girl to entertain the other inmates with clown acts, tumbling, and juggling. One evening she made an unusual request, that she be given something other than the usual cups and balls to juggle with. After all, nothing is more thrilling than an element of danger, and she was being watched all the while, what would be the harm? She was so very small, and the asylum guards, so very large and intimidating. Their ignorance was their undoing.

One by one the staff fell under the blows from her blunted axes, giggling, twirling, and singing, she could finally put on a proper show for her fellow inmates. 

Escaping with them into the foggy evening, she was never found again, some say her madness lingers there and they hear her laughter still, echoing through those old asylum halls, while others insist that she follows the carnival, waiting to take to her stage once more.

I had *way* too much fun doing this and took about 500 photos too many, so sorry for the load time on this post >.<. Shiny newness from The Horror! with the gorgeous Axes that can be found at the Love & War event, for only 30L per pull in the gacha.
Also creepy kawaii gorgeousness from Dark Passions in the nail hurl! Scroll down into the bloggy depths for more info and linkage <3


Skin - Birdy Ali [Pure] (group gift 150L join fee)
Eyes - Buzzeri Hime eyes [Winter]
Hair - Pink Hustler 8067 [Monochrome]
Teeth - Aii Pointed Teeth 50L
Body - Maitreya [Lara]
Hands - SLink [Bag] [Casual] [Flat]


Lashes & Dots - Clemmm Black Chic Circus 0L
Blood - Clemmm Bloody Hands


Dress - Moon Amore Sweet Lydiah Dress [Lilac]
Socks - Muka Thigh Socks [Patterns]
Shoes - 9ty Black Bow Pumps (no longer available)


Axes - The Horror Ax Love [Black Bow Bloody] 30L @ Love & War (gacha rare)
Eyebats - Moon Amore Flying Eyebats (part of dress pack)


Revenge Is Cute - TSH Shrug 0L
Curtsey - No Wow Wild Thing 5L
Curtain Call - Curvosity Borden Ax (coming soon!)

Model Shots - NTAP! Freebies 0L
Curvosity Handy Poses 75L



For those of a cuter, or merely less blood drenched inclination, Dark Passions' Pastel Goth gacha has hit the main store! If you missed out on the Luck of The Irish fair this year, fear not, for all Koffin Nails gachas are still available, and completely adorable ;D
The gacha remains only 50L per pull!
Just noticed I missed out on a photo of Whispering Webs, forgive me! Vendor image is here if you want to see them :D

From left to right: Eyes On You (Rare), My Bats Are Melting (Rare), Polk-A-Bat

From left to right: Skull crossed Pastels, Stars & Stripe Hype, Lucky charms

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