Fur Babies

New Sponsor! Huge thank you to Violent Seduction for having us on the blogging team.

Violent Seduction have the cutest cat hoodie gacha at Kustom9. The tanooki hoodie includes the option of the hood up or down. There are 8 commons (colours) and 2 rares (black/white). Each yank costs 69L

The Horror! have a gacha filled with cute magical cats and their much needed beds/food at the Wizarding Faire. Yer a cat gacha has 2 rares (house/kitty) as well as 4 cat commons, 4 bed commons and a refillable cat food bowl. ^.^ Each yank costs 50L


Skin: Amitomo - Bunny
Eyes: Umeboshi Glimmer Eyes [Light Grey] 150L @ The Season's Story 
Hair: Blues - Thea @  Hair Fair 2015 (noirette sim)


Lashes: Lovely Alien - Starry Lashes 50L
Whiskers: Oleander - Glitter Kitty Nose @ Hair Fair 2015 (redhead sim) (gift) 0L


Hoodie: Violent Seduction - Tanooki Hoodie (down) [Pink] (gahca common) @ Kustom9
Socks: Muka - Thigh Socks 


Choker: Dazed - Pentacle Louise Choker @ IDK
Necklace: Neverwish - Heroic

Pose - my own. Lyl and I are opening a store soon! ^.^


Cats/cat home/cat bed/cat food: The Horror! Yer a cat @ Wizarding Faire (gacha) 50L per play.
 Rug [Brown] Half Deer - Messy blanket/rug
Rug [Black] Half Deer - Messy blanket/rug
Sofa: Half Deer - Cat Lady Sofa

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