People are strange when you're a stranger

The problem with Wonderland, is that nothing ever does what you expect it to.


Skin - Dead Apples Lora [Bone] (n/a)
Eyes - Umeboshi Glimmer Eyes [Foggy] 150L @ The Season's Story
(part of the Unnaturals pack)
Hair - Exile Windsong [Extremes]
Body - SLink Physique
Mouth - Loud Mouth Brandee
Teeth - Aii Pointed Teeth


Brows - Random Matter Misery Brows 90L
Eyebags - Arise Eyebags 99L
Dark Circles - Random Matter Perfectly Flawed Dark Circles 90L
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails [Supernaturals B&W] 80L @ Genre
(available in SLink and Maitreya, 20% off for this event only!)


Dress - Pixicat Wonderland Dress [Nr.1/Black] 50L (gacha common)
Shoes - Violent Seduction Liddell Boots [Black] 188L @ The Kawaii Project


Main - Descent Dover Doll Room 2L
Model Shots - Malcheese Show Off Nails&Shoes 0L

I am loving this month's Genre and Kawaii Project themes ('the underworld' and 'through the looking glass') they just begged me to make a dark Alice!

These are my three favourite colours in the Liddell boots (red, black, and white), but there are a total of 8 colours available for 188L each and 1200L for the fatpack, all boots can also fit almost any mid height mesh feet when you adjust your foot size slider (edit your shape, then find the 'legs' section, and you'll be able to increase your foot size until the boots cover the feet of your choice)!

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