All revolutions are impossible until they happen,
then they become inevitable.

Dark Passions has some epic dresses and nails out at the London Docks! This is a pretty new event but they have some really awesome creators taking part so it is definitely worth a look, keep a look out for the teleporters at both ends of the bridge as they take you to the second level where you will find our badass dresses and nails.
Both Operate and Beusy also have new offerings for you at the Cosmetic Fair, this round has some *amazing* designers and if you're partial to makeup, nails, eyes, and skins, be sure to check it out! Operate has a selection of eye colours in their gacha for only 50L per pull, and Beusy has a sexy mid length hair style for only 99L per pull, you get 2 colours in each common and *two full huds* with either of the rares.



Head - LeLutka [Karin]
Skin - The Skinnery London [Champagne]
Eyes - Operate Natural Section [#2] 50L @ Cosmetic Fair (gacha common)
Hair - Lamb Sacred [Gingers]
Prosthetic - Contraption Classic Forearm Prosthetics [Ebony]


Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Vintage Traveler [SLink] 80L @ London Docks On the Sixes


Dress - Dark Passions Clara Vintage Traveller [Brown] 220L @ London Docks On the Sixes
Stockings - Cannibelle Foxtrot Stockings
Shoes - Eudora 3D Classic Pumps [Brown5]


Glasses - Contraption The Clockmaker's Glasses @ The Arcade (gacha secret)
Cigarette - Nikotin Holder Cigarette [Vintage]
Necklace - AZE Impedimenta Gear Necklace


Main - oOo Studio Candy
Model Shots - Marukin Holocene 88L @ Collabor88
Marukin Jewellip (n/a)
oOo Studio Moody 2



Head - Genesis Lab - Alice @ Cosmetic Fair
Eyes - Operate Natural Section [#5] @ Cosmetic Fair 50L
Hair - Beusy - That Too Hair (gacha) @ Cosmetic Fair 99L


Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails - Vintage Traveler [Maitreya] 80L @ London Docks On the Sixes


Dress - Dark Passions Clara Vintage Traveller [Black] 220L @ London Docks On the Sixes
Shoes - Pure Poison - Revamped Amelia Pumps [Maitreya] 99L


Necklace - Meva Carnival earring 50L @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Bangle - Meva Carnival Bangle right 50L Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Ring - Meva Carnival Ring 50L Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Eyepatch - Meva Eyepatch


Apple Fall New York Skybox
Ex Machina Vulcano Fireplace
Nomad Aviator Wing Desk 90L (gacha common)
Nomad Aviator Desk Chair 90L (gacha common)
Nomad Aviator Armchair 90L (gacha common)
Nomad Aviator Table Lamp 90L (gacha common)
Nomad Aviator Airplane Decor 90L (gacha common)
ALH Vintage Black Phone 1L
Bazar Stockholm Typewriter 25L
Nikotin Ultimate Ashtray
Aisling Bric-A-Brac Desk Paper Trash 50L (gacha common)
Designer Prims Fur Rug (part of the Heritage home)
Floorplan Simple Sideboard (n/a)
Pilot Traveller's Map
Pilot Scrolls @ Gen-Neutral
Popstar Industries Short Pipe Shelf
Construct Mesh Book Stacks 49L
Vespertine Down The Rabbit Hole Hare Automata 50L The Arcade (gacha common)
Nomad Aviator R.C. Bomber 90L (gacha rare)
Aisling Bric-A-Brac Desk Globe 50L (gacha common)
Commoner Nova Collection Armillary
Vespertine Oddinary Curiosities Golden Hand 50L (gacha common)
Consignment Fossil Hunter Ammonite (n/a)
Chelsea Malibu Designs Zenith 835 Classic Radio 1L

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