Sweet Dreams

New gacha goodies from Vinyl @ The Epiphany called had an epiphany. There are 3 rares and a whole bunch of awesome commons to collect. Each yank will cost you 50L 


Skin - Pink Fuel Vamp v2
Hair - Truth Hair Ximena


Dress - Moon Amore Estella Dress
Socks - Muka Garter Thigh Socks


Necklace - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations Sekai Collar (gahca common)
Cloud - Vinyl Dream Floatie (Gacha Rare) @ The Epiphany 50L
Mask - Vinyl Snooze Fest Mask [Mint] (Gacha Common) @ The Epiphany 50L
Ribbon - Moon Amore Ceres Ribbon and doves (Gacha Common)
Balloon - Moon Amore Papillion Balloon [Mint]
Butterflies - Enfant Terrible Moondchild [Gold] & [White] (Gacha Common)

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