You know that feeling, when the tree is up, the gifts are wrapped, and all that's left to do is buy the Christmas food and savour the moments of quiet before the family descends on you for the holiday. The quiet anticipation that lasts for weeks but somehow always feels too short.

Vinyl has you covered for your pre-Christmas pyjama days with a gorgeous shirt and tee combo at Uber that works for slouchy evenings on the sofa or winter fun outside. The Billie Skatr shirt is available in multiple flannel print options with 14 graphic or plain colours on the hud for the optional t-shirt. At only 200L each and 1200L for the fatpack, the shirt can be a sneaky little Christmas gift to yourself ;D.
Dark Passions have updated their winter nails selection and the new appliers are available over at Winter Trend! Old favourites like Lyl's Iced French nails have been updated with Maitreya and Belleza as well as the new fatpack with bonus Omega applier, so hop on over to get them there first. There are also exclusives available at 20% discount for Winter Trend only!
Zerkalo and Shakeup both have goodies soon to be released at Christmas on 34th Street!
All of the items sold at the event are transfer and are perfect for treating friends, family, or someone special this season (they become copy and are no longer giftable after opening).
Lyl's yummy hot chocolate and cookies come from Zerkalo, available in 2 versions, plain, and deer printed, they are only 99L each.
Shakeup has a selection of beautiful lip gloss appliers for the LeLutka mesh head line, with natural, soft, dark, and vivid palettes, Lyl is wearing one of the delicate rose tones from the naturals pack, and the whole pack is swatched at the bottom of the page! The gloss palettes are 175L each.
Don't forget that Christmas on 34th Street opens on December 9th and once open you have until the 27th to shop until you drop!


Head - LeLutka Karin
Skin - YS&YS Milly [09] @ The Fantasy Collective (gacha rare) 99L
Hair - Truth Randa [Variety]
Eyes - Adored Bodyshop Cloud [Seer]
Lips - Shakeup Anja Gloss For LeLutka [Naturals] @ Christmas on 34th Street (opens December 9th) 175L
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Iced French @ Winter Trend 100L


Top - Vinyl Billie Skatr [Red] @ Uber 200L
Shorts - Blueberry Sylvia Shorts [Black]
Socks - Muka Thigh Socks [Plain]


Necklace - Ama The Cyclic Necklace


Main - oOo Studio Grounded
Close Up 1 - Curvosity Basic Bish 99L
Close Up 2 - Curvosity Handy Poses 75L
Close Up 3 - Curvosity Basic Bish 99L
Nails - Curvosity Handy Poses 75L
Lips - Curvosity Basic Bish 99L

The Dark Passions Iced French nails come in 4 coloured tips, black, blue, redh, and green, with 3 different nail bed tones to match almost any natural skin tone.

The Shakeup natural lip gloss palette has 9 tones, which can be matched to skin tones or simply used as really lovely neutrals which literally go with everything.


Trompe Loeil Amelia Cabin
Botanical Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree @ Tannenbaum
Kalopsia Twigs Star [Dark] Tannenbaum (gacha rare) 25L
Ohmai Xmas Magic Twine Ornament [Holly] Tannenbaum (gacha common) 25L
Ohmai Xmas Magic Twine Ornament [Light] Tannenbaum (gacha common) 25L
Ohmai Xmas Magic Twine Ornament [Natural] Tannenbaum (gacha common) 25L
Ohmai Xmas Magic [Doe] Tannenbaum (gacha common) 25L
Ohmai Xmas Magic [Rae] Tannenbaum (gacha common) 25L
Ohmai Xmas Magic [Mee] Tannenbaum (gacha common) 25L
Ohmai Xmas Magic [Fah] Tannenbaum (gacha common) 25L
Ohmai Xmas Magic [Sol] Tannenbaum (gacha common) 25L
Ohmai Xmas Magic [Lah] Tannenbaum (gacha common) 25L
Ohmai Xmas Magic Doilie Tree Skirt Tannenbaum (gacha rare) 25L
Jian Puff Pups [Sable] (gacha common) 50L
BWish Single Pipe Steam Radiator [White] 99L
Scarlet Creative Lucky 8 Armchair [Cotton]
Digs Dalkeith Tufted Coffee Table [Cream]
Digs Etienne Side Table
Anc Noel Frilled Fur Rug [Milk] (gacha common) 75L
Zerkalo Hot Chocolate @ Christmas on 34th Street (opens December 9th) 99L
Apple Fall Dolly Lamp (gacha common) 45L

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