Furbabies and Friends

The puppies have taken over!
Fawny have released these gorgeous little mutts for you to take home, decorate your home with, and the rares are even animated and wearable! Out at N21, these adorable bundles of trouble are only 75L per pull on the gacha, and they are all touch to change the fur colour with two shades of gold and a black!
Dark Passions is also having a sale on at the main store, and though the nails we are wearing in this post aren't in it, there are tons of older goodies reduced ready to be shipped off to the marketplace, from nails to clothing it is 100% worth checking out to pick up some bargains before they go back up to marketplace price! The sale starts on the 3rd and ends on the 17th of January.

Bishy (Left)


Head - Genesis Lab Lara (group gift) 0L

Hair - Little Bones Zombies [Landslide] @ Uber
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Whispers of Winter 100L


Jumpsuit - Pixicat Chic Jumpsuit [Silver] @ Uber

Shoes - Reign Eternal Heels [Teal, Maitreya] (in sale room) 75L


Necklace - Minimal Marta Necklace

Bangle & Ring - Minimal Varik Set [Silver]

 Main Picture Pose oOo Studio Belle 5
Close ups - 1 - N/A  2- Lapin My hands 3 - Marukin Midnight N/A

Lyl (Right)


Head - Genesis Lab Alice [Blinker] (gacha rare)
Skin - Genesis Lab Tara [Cream] 0L (group gift 250L join fee)
Hair - Elikatira Kara [Essentials]
Eyes - Dead Apples Thunder [Swamp] (n/a)
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Whispers of Winter 100L


Dress - Fishy Strawberry Bejewelled Dress [Aquamarine]
Cardi - Fishy Strawberry Bejewelled Cardigan [Light Grey]
Shoes - Reign Mina Heels [Holiday Edition] 75L


Main - 
oOo Studio Boudoir15
Close Ups - Marukin Snug (n/a)


Fawny My Little Puppy 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 13 @ N21 75L (gacha commons)
Dust Bunny Poppy Cottage (gacha rare)
Dust Bunny Ruffle Chair (gacha common)
Dust Bunny Ruffle Rug (gacha common)
Dust Bunny Mini Christmas Tree @ Collabor88
Dust Bunny Toy Horse @ Collabor88
Dust Bunny Round End Table (gacha common)
Dust Bunny Melted Candle (gacha common)
Dust Bunny Robin Nest [Silver] (gacha common)
Zerkalo Magical Christmas Fireplace (gacha rare)

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