Take Me With You!

Lyl found some adorable new friends ready to take her back to their kawaii home world!

Featuring cute new items from Sorbet, Lovey Dovey, Minimal, Mignon, and Vilecult, @ Whimsical, and The Horror and Neverwish @ The Thrift Shop!


Skin - VCO Benny

Hair - Lovey Dovey Alyssa [Rebels] (gacha common) 75L @ Whimsical
Bangs - Lovey Dovey Add on Bangs (n/a - previous event gift)
Eyes - Buzzeri Mysteria Eyes [Nebula] (n/a - store moving)
Brows - Nox Nyx Brows 100L
Liner - Lovely Alien Starry Lashes 50L
Lashes - Mignon Decora Party [Hime] (gacha rare) 50L @ Whimsical
Blush - Chemistry Natural Blush 0L
Lips - Mignon PuLip Kuon (gacha rare) 50L @ Whimsical
Nails - Alaskametro Cosmic Nail Art 64L


Top - Happy Undead Bandeau Top [Greys& Reds] 250L

Jacket - Sorbet Combo Plastique [1E] (gacha common) 50L @ Whimsical
Shorts - Pixicat Tilde Shorts [Stripes Nr.1]
Boots - Reign All Star High Heels @ N21


Face Jewels - The Horror Moonchild Jewels [Black] 75L @ The Thrift Shop

Alien Choker - Dichotomy Space Baby Alien Choker (n/a)
Tattoo Choker - The Horror Choke Me choker [Blue Raspberry] 55L each 200L fatpack
Necklace - Minimal Freedom Necklace [Silver] 99L @ Whimsical
Bracelets - Pure Poison Stacked Bracelets
Leg Strap - Neverwish Heart Leg Strap [Neon] 100L @ The Thrift Shop


Main - Kirin Poses Kustom9 Gift (n/a)

Close Ups - Kirin Poses Himawari 2 & Maki 1 (edited with Avimote hud)


Clemmm Studio Skybox

Fur Rug (n/a)
Hideki I Want To Believe [Research Table] (gacha rare) 90L
Hideki I Want to Believe [Research Chair, UFO Comics, UFO Sightings Interview Recorder, Visitor Signs, Grey Alien Replica, UFO Lamp] (gacha commons) 90L each
Hideki Dreamer [Speaker and Radio, Wordlamp "Dream On Dreamer"] (gacha commons) 90L each
Hideki Cactus Neon Lamp
Hideki Old Comics Table
Vilecult Dreamscape Wall Hanging 250L @ Whimsical
The Horror Sass Posters [I Live On The Internet] (gacha common) 50L @ Dreams
MishMish Princess Donut
MishMish Fortune Teller Collection Aries (n/a - gacha common check marketplace!)
MishMish Fuzzball Bear [Electric Teal]
MishMish Its Aliens
BellePoses Plastic Shopping Bag [2 & 3] (gacha commons) 55L each @ The Showroom
Half Deer Spilled Candy Hearts
Floorplan Lightning Marquee

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