Want To Play Doctor?

Getting gruesome with Beusy @ AnyBody, Just Magnetized @ The Showroom, and Zenith @ Whimsical!


Head - Catwa Annie
Skin - Cureless Haemoglobine
Hair - Beusy May Bun Hair [Midnight] 250L each/ 300L each/ 1500L fatpack @ AnyBody
Hairbase - Just Magnetized Set 03 [Catwa] 250L
Brows - Just Magnetized Perfect Brows Set 02 [Catwa/Omega] 250L @ The Showroom
Eyes - Lovefox Ruptured Corneas 50L
Blood - Izzie's Blood Dripping Accessories
Ears - Mandala Steking Season 5
Barbed Wire - Cureless Headache @ The Dark Style Fair
Dirt - Clemmm Body Filth
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Chipped [SLink] 100L


Hat - Zenith Medic Hat [White] (gacha common) 75L @ Whimsical
Stethoscope - Zenith Medic Receptor [White] (gacha common) 75L @ Whimsical
Dress - Zenith Medic Dress [White] (gacha rare) 75L @ Whimsical
Belt - Zenith Medic First Aid Belt [White] (gacha common) 75L @ Whimsical
Poison - Zenith Medic Poison Gas Belt [White] (gacha common) 75L @ Whimsical
Heels - Zenith Medic Heels with long sock [Red] (gacha common) 75L @ Whimsical
Syringes - MV Sanitarium Syringe (n/a)


Main - Poseidon Hill Nurse 5 50L
Close Up - Vix Yes That's My Butt


DRD Asylum Morgue Table & Sink 250L
DRD Asylum Medical Tools 50L
DRD Asylum Gurney 100L
DRD Asylum Lights 75L
DRD Asylum Wheelchair 550L
DRD Motel File Cabinet
Sari-Sari Abandoned Morgue [Morgue Signs, Thermometer, Apron, Bucket of Junk] (gacha commons - n/a check marketplace!)
Nefarious Inventions Fatal Procedure [Black]
Nefarious Inventions Turn and Cough Regret Nothing (gacha common) 80L
Deadwool Corpse Arm (gacha common) 75L
22769 Bauwerk Morgue (gacha common) 50L

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