Trick or Treat

There are many reasons why Halloween is the coolest holiday of them all. 
Reasons such as dressing up in scary costume (ok so we're slightly adorable) and stuffing your facehole full of sweets that complete strangers have handed you for scaring the crap out of them (ok, it's because we look hot) then going home to your haunted house to bop along to monster mash. It's the best <3 <3



Skin - VCO Sena 
Lips - VCO Yamo Mesh Lip 001 (gacha rare)
Eyelashes - VCO Bambi Eyelash [Brown]

 Eyes - Cureless [+] Cutie Coven Eyes & Lens [Nude Brown] @ The Kawaii Project
 Freckles - Izzie's Glitter Freckles 
Hair - Nani Beauty Ghoul Batty Hair (gacha rare) @ The Epiphany
Claws - GD Sables Grace Claws


Bodysuit - Vincue Murie+Set [Tange] (gacha common) @ The Kawaii Project
Top - Vincue Murie+Top [Snow] (gacha rare) @ The Kawaii Project
Skirt - Vincue Murie+Skirt [Snow] (gacha rare) @ The Kawaii Project
Stockings - Reign Classic Jane Heels & Stockings @ Collabor88
Shoes - Reign Hocus Platform Heels @ Salem
Cotton Candy - ASO! Cotton Candy [Bucket 2] (gacha rare) @ Candy Fair
Bat Lollipop - Neverwish Bat Lolli [Hand] (gacha rare) @ Candy Fair



Skin - VCO Doran Skin [005] (gacha common)
Hair - Moon Often [B&W]
Hairbase - The Skinnery Curly Hairbase (tinted) (group gift)
Eyes - #Adored Cloud eyes [Seer]
Lashes - Lovely Alien Starry Eyelashes
Tattoo - Nox Ethereal [Four]
Freckles - Birdy Freckles
Lips - VCO Connie Tint Mesh Lip
Nails - Dark Passions Trick or Treat @ Trick or Treat Lane Gift 0L


Horns - Half Deer Aventine Horns [VampEYEr] (gacha common)
Choker - Nox Xue Choker [Black]
Wings - Fawny Succubus [Wings/Black] (gacha common) @ The Seasons Story
Body - Fawny Succubus [Body with Belts] (gacha rare) @ The Seasons Story
Tail - Fawny Succubus [Tail/Black] (gacha common) @ The Seasons Story
Stockings & Shoes - Reign Classic Jane Heels & Stockings @ Collabor88
Cotton Candy - ASO! Cotton Candy [Pumpkin] (gacha common) @ Candy Fair


Hideki Attic (gacha rare)
Deadpool Hot As Hell Fireplace @ Bloody Horror Fair
Vespertine Spiderweb Rocking Chair (gacha common) (sim closed for reconstruction)
Aisling Candles [White]
Dust Bunny & Tenshi Pumpkin Stack
What Next Trick or Treat Pumpkins
DRD MM Webs [2 & 3 & 4] (gacha commons)
Half Deer Messy Blanket/Rug [Black]
Half Deer Spilled Candy Corn
Half Deer Magical Curiosities [Two Headed Cats Play (snow) & Look (snow) & Blood of
Half Deer Starlit Spiderwebs
Half Deer Raven Pumpkin [Orange]
Half Deer Raven Witchy 
Neverwish Twisty Pumpkin @ Candy Fair Gift 0L
Neverwish Bat Lolli [Shoulder] (gacha rare) @ Candy Fair

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