Head - Catwa Lona
Skin - Glam Affair Milu [America] @ Collabor88
Eyebrows - Okkbye Adumbrate Eyebrow
Lipstick - Insol silky lipstick
Hair - Beusy Baby Pigtail Hairstyle (3:00 A.M. Gacha Common)
Nails - Dark Passions Noticeably Nude @ 4Mesh


Reign Cat Lady Starter Kit Gacha @ Pocketgacha 
(find out how to play pocketgacha here)

Dress - Reign Kitty Couture Dress Maitreya & Kitty Couture Collar [Peach] #3 @ Pocketgacha 
Gloss - Reign Catty Gloss (Animated) Bombshell #25 @ Pocketgacha
Mirror - Reign Kitty Mirror (touch to look) [Gold] #20 @ Pocketgacha


Skybox - Moss&Mink Sweet Retreat - Skybox gacha rare @ The Arcade
Curtain - Moss&Mink Sweet Retreat - Backdrop Pink @ The Arcade
Bed - Moss&Mink Sweet Retreat - Bed (PG) @ The Arcade
Neon sign - Moss&Mink Neons Princess @ The Kawaii Project
Vanity Table - Moss&Mink Vanity Table
Cat - lassitude & ennui 12. Mittens cat lay on side white
Top - Half Deer Favorite Sweater Clutter

Desk Clutter

Wednesday[+] Back To Univers-E.T  Makeup Palettes gacha common @ The Arcade
Wednesday[+] Back To Univers-E.T Makeups gacha common @ The Arcade
Tentacio 2. Beauty Girl Cute bottles
Reign Catnip Gummies (strawberry) #26 

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