Sister Of The Moon


Head - Catwa Catya
Skin - Pink Fuel Adeline [Crystal]
Eyes - Anatomy Lumina Eye Dark Grey omega @ Cosmetic Fair
Eyebrows - Arte Charm Eyebrows @ Powder Pack August
Eyeshadow - Nox Sage Shadow @ Cosmetic Fair
Lips - [KRR] Blood stained Lips applier for Catwa @ The Nightmare
Marking - Nox Occult Markings Bloody for Catwa @ The Nightmare
Black Eye & Spiders - Nox Arachnophobia Hunt Gift @ The Nightmare
Hair - Runaway Hair Wicca Hair /w hat @ The Nightmare


Dress - Zenith Witch Dress with Bones (all color) Maitreya (gacha rare) @ Kustom9
Shoes - Momento x Astralia - Vintage witch Heels (noir) (gacha common) @ Kustom9


Skybox - Candle and Cauldron Shadow Room Skybox @ The Nightmare
Sheleves - Schadenfreude Wide Cross Ruthven Coffin Shelves @ The Nightmare
Drawers - OLQINU gothic nightmare <spooky storage> @ The Nightmare
Mirror - OLQINU gothic nightmare <curse mirror> @ The Nightmare
Clock - Candle and Cauldron Samhain Moon Cuck-Coo [Silver] @ Trick or Treat Lane
Documents on floor - OLQINU gothic nightmare <horrible documents> @ The Nightmare
Webs - Half Deer Starlit Spiderweb
Cat - Jian feline Frights 11. Black Wanderer @ The Epiphany
Mice - Osmia Sister Of The Moon Gacha Rat.Decor 3  [Albino]
& Osmia Sister Of The Moon Gacha - Rat.Decor 2 [Black] @ The Epiphany

Clutter on Drawers

Hand - OLQINU gothic nightmare <mystery hand sculpture> (gacha rare) @ The Nightmare

Clutter on Shelves

Hands - Kres Hand Candles @ The Nightmare
Candle (orange) - .TeaBunny. Kitty-Brain Candle: Jack-o-Lantern @ The Nightmare
Candle (red) - .TeaBunny. Kitty-Brain Candle @ The Nightmare
Bottles - May Soul's Alter Set Dark Magic Potions
Crystal ball - ZcZ Chronophobes Crystal Ball @ The Nightmare
Skull & Raven - OLQINU gothic nightmare <raven statue> (gacha rare) @ The Nightmare
Bottles of blood - OLQINU gothic nightmare <blood bottles> @ The Nightmare
Books - OLQINU gothic nightmare <sorcery books> @ The Nightmare
Mice - Osmia Sister Of The Moon Gacha Rats.Friends.Decor @ The Epiphany
Shrine - Candle and Cauldron Hekate Candle Shrine V.2  Vermilion 

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