Bishy (Red & Black)


Head - Genus Babyface
Skin - PumeC Zara #2 @ The Epiphany
Eyes - Asteroidbox Emotions Eyes
Lips - Boataom Lip Tint 13 (Genus)
Facial Tattoos - Rainbow Sundae Ritual Face Tatts (Omega)
Chest Tattoo - Rainbow Sundae Witchin' Chest Tatts 1 (Maitreya)
Hair - Doux Rosie
Nails - Suicidal Unborn Livana Bento Nails 01 #1


Dress - Pixicat Iris Set @ Spellbound
Earrings - Remarkable Oblivion Crescent Set
Wand - Hotdog Chipped Wand (effects added in photoshop)

Lyl (Black)

Head - Genus Babyface
Skin - Glam Affair Emma
Eyes - Lotus Vague Eyes 06 @ Spellbound
Blush - The White Crow Lovely Vampyr (Omega)
Lips - Boataom Lip Tint 13 (Genus)
Facial Tattoo - Rainbow Sundae Witchin' Face Tatts 5 (Omega)
Chest Tattoo - Rainbow Sundae Witchin' Chest Tatts 3 (Maitreya)
Body Tattoo - Nar Mattaru Illuminatus
Hair - Doux Vega
Nails - Suicidal Unborn Livana Bento Nails 10


Dress - Pixicat Iris Set @ Spellbound
Wand - Hotdog Corpse wand (effects added in photoshop)
Nose Chain - Random Matter Orianthi Nose Chain
 Rings Right - Voluptas Virtualis Mezarah
Rings Left - Contraption Desideratus


Backdrop [BH9] Hex Hall @ Spellbound
Book - DRD Spiritualists Shoppe Spellbook Stand
Owl - Remarkable Oblivion Hoodini
Snakes - Curemore Lost Paradise Snake of Eden (Coal)

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