Lyl & Bishy - About Us

 Best friends in life, partners in crime in Second Life.

While sitting one day on our computers, watching our avatars sit in our virtual house, trying on our clothing haul from the latest event, we decided, what could be better than taking some pretty pictures of our dollies that wouldn't just grace our profiles in game, but that we could use to show off the items we love, by amazing creators we love and our own personal styles!

*angelic choir sings in the distance*

And lo, a blog was born.

Gacha addicts and Barbieholics we decided to blog together, because what else is all this cute stuff for? Bishy brings the cute to Lyl's brutal, and Lyl brings the androgyny to Bishy's feminine style. We aim to bring you creature features, fantasy princesses, kawaii cuteness, cyborg badassery and a whole lot more.

For our readers, please don't hesitate to contact us in world! Like, subscribe, +1 and/or share if you enjoy us, we love feedback and any blog themes or ideas are welcome. Have a store that you love but we haven't discovered yet? Tell us about it! Seen an amazing venue for photography or exploration? Let us know! We are always hungry for new things to see and do and photograph in Second Life, where this is first and foremost a fashion blog, it is also a place for us to document our travels and places/things that have sparked our imagination.

Thank you.

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