Steampunk and post apocalyptic settings just seem to work together like clockwork *ba doom tssh*. After levelling the entire area with a giant automaton, inspecting the damage seems a melancholy affair for poor little Lyl, now she has no company but her Tesla fairies, nowhere to buy a decent mocha, and no one to run over or punch when she's bored or agitated. Its a hard life for those of a megalomaniacal disposition.

The Complete Look:

Skin - Essences Amaterasu [06 lait brunette] *includes SLink&Tango appliers* (Chapter 4 Gacha Sept 2013)
Eyes - Ikon Ardent Eyes [Pewter] (store only)
Nails - The Skinnery Carbon nails applier (Black Fair 2013 Gift)
Hands - SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands [Casual] (store only)
Jacket - Personal retexture, will be on sale soon!
Stockings - Sakide Little Squaw Black Leggings
Boots - Sweet Poison Sinatra Boots [Green] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival Aug2013)
Fairies - Rivendale Tesla Fairy Petite [Raven] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival Oct2013)
                Rivendale Tesla Fairy RARE [Raven] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival Rare Oct2013)
Headset - Yasum Steampunk Headset Grunge (Fantasy Gacha Carnival Oct2013)
Hand Armour - DRD Chrono Fangs [Steel]


Wasteland: Expressive Poses Free For Men 1 (mp only)
Model Shots: Malcheese Show off Nail&Shoes Pose (mp only)
                 Six Free Poses (mp only)

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