I'll Be Cold As Steel

The Hallows post that never was.
Casting our minds back to October (I know, Its difficult but we can do it if we try), while you were all dressed as cute little witches out collecting sweets from the neighbours and throwing toilet paper or rotten eggs at their houses, Lyl was having a more sombre celebration. You see, not many men last long around our darling witch, is it because she is an intimidatingly awesome little doll, or could it be that she scares them away with the way she drives? I would say its mostly because once a spider has something in their web, there really is only one thing to do with it.

The Complete Look:

Eyes - Ikon Ardent Eyes [Pewter] (store only)
Makeup - A Netherworld Veiny Eyes [Red] (Twisted Hunt gift 2013)
                  PMD Tili (store only)
Lashes - Demi's Starshine Red Tipped Lashes (Beauty Vamp Gift 2013)
Hair - Faenzo Uffie [Dark Black] (mp only)
Hands - SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands [Casual] (store only)
Dress - Ison Amelia Lace Gown [Black] (mp only)
Shoes - N-core Cuore [Black]
Umbrella - DRD Victorian Umbrella [Plain] (Includes Spider for the face)
Earrings - N@N@ Leah
Bracelets - Scrub Achmed Hand (sore only)
                     Scrub Webgloves (store only)
Rings - DRD Dragon Ring (Hunt gift)
               MG Duchess Dazzle [Large Left Silver] [Small Right Silver]


Boneyard - Slap me because I can not remember!
Model Shots - descent Dover lib_flight (mp only)
                           Lumiere Pinup3 & Hazel (mp only)
                           Unslutty and Undead Pola Standing (mp only)

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