Here In The Black I'm Lost

Its cold and I'm scared and the whispers are a madness that forces a question to God.
Is this real or imagined? Because if I'm asleep, well then I don't need to scream for long.

"Doctor Moreau, your next patient is ready."

Welcome to the creature feature. Not only do I have a preview of Heartistic's new awesome 'Bound' foot ribbons, but I also have a new dolly to introduce you to, be nice now everyone, this is Bea. I modified her from the AnnaA shape of the same name, though I very... very rarely... ok never ever vary my shapes from my usual 2 (Lyl and Witchy), she was too cute to pass up.

The wicked little toe wrapping ribbons come in a variety of colours and will be appearing in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival alongside her rockabilly shoes (as shown here) where you can snag really cute little cherries to bloody dirty bandages there really are a ton of options for any outfit, roleplay, or costume.

As mentioned previously the Carnival is due to open on the 4th of May and I will probably be seeing some of you there :P

Also! Little Bea is wearing the newness from DRD you can get your hands on at Erotigacha (Adult area).

The Outfit:


Skin - Sn@tch Feeder Skin 
(hidden gem in the underwater section of the store, only 25L, no appliers but easy to self match)
Hair - Tameless Trinity [Fades]
Hands - SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands [Elegant L] [Relaxed R]
Feet - SLink Avatar Enhancement Feet [High]
Redrum Bloody Mess Blood Layers [Give me more - Pants & A Little Mess - Jacket]
DRD Blood Mouth (only at the outlet store)
Nails - By Snow Zombie


Bandages - {dollie*} Bloody Bandage Dress (Group Gift)
Ribbons - Heartistic Bound Ribbons [Bloody - Rare] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival May 2014)


Shackles - DRD Oldschool Neckshackle [Rust]
DRD Handshackles [Rust]
DRD AnkleShackles [Rust]
(all from Erotigacha April 2014)
Needles - MV Sanatorium Syringe (Twisted Hunt Gift - Delirium 2013)


Patient Zero: Furniture pose at location
Model Shots: descent Dover lib_flight


Hit play. That is an order.

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