Dark Comes Down...

... on the darkest part of town.

Bertie told her not to go, he might be a blind little bat but sometimes even he knows better than little miss Lyl, but nothing can persuade her, especially not when she has her adventurin' goggles on. Now if she could only remember where she left the bike...

Onward! For science! For pony!

You haven't seen a steam powered motorbike anywhere around here have you?

The Outfit:


Skin - Dead Apples Ari [Honey]
Eyes - By Snow Timeless Eyes [Silver/Bronze] 25L
Hair - Spellbound Serenity [Spring] (EB Awareness Event exclusive)
Lashes - Void Body Shop Eyelashes [Wisp] 25L (not visible in closeup, sorry!)
Hands - SLink [Elegant]


Dress - Couture'd Bacon Bubble Pop Dress [Paris Pink] (The Pier Market May 2014)
Shrug - Cynful Shruggable [Black] (old hunt gift)
Leggings - Kyoot Hollander Leggings [Cream] (tinted)
Shoes - DRD Steampunk Boots [Black] (no longer available)


Hat - Curio Obscura Top Hat [Black] 0L
Goggles - The Forge Goggles [Steel] (Oh My Gacha January 2014)
Bertie - Birdy Bert Plushie [Midnight] (store gacha)


Monster's Ball Attitude Models [Oh] - Coming Soon


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