I hereby vow, dear readers, that there will be a butch girl post coming *soon* but for now, I'm completely in love with everything adorable, I blame Insitu and their unfailing ability to make skins that make me squee and clap like a seal.

Yeah, I know you loved that mental image.

Tonight Lyl has gone all little and sweet to match her new updated booty from uLuckie, as you know both myself and Bishy have loved the fitted mesh booty for a while now, but noticed it didn't fit easily under some more stingy mesh clothing. Now the new 'Cutie Booty' does fit under skirts and dresses, and makes a much softer and more athletic curve than the original fitted butt. I promise to show this bum off in its full moony glory in a later post, but for now just enjoy the shapely legs and the knowledge that you can have pretty legs without having a butt shoving through some of your favourite floofy dresses :P



Skin - Insitu Yuki [ton B] 299L promo!
Eyes - Insitu Anna [Black]
Mouth - LoudMouth Brandee
Hair - RunAway Jade [Essentials]
Hands - SLink [Casual]
Butt - uLuckie Cutie Booty
Feet - SLink [Mid]


Blush - Insitu Blushes #1 (part of Yuki skin pack)
Nails - Blossom Natural Nails (no longer available)


Blouse&Skirt - G.Field Vanilla (Japan Fair April 2014)
Socks - TSG Princess Socks [Solid White]
Shoes - The Secret Store Oxford Heels [Black&White]


Headband - Atomic Wish Master Headpiece (gacha rare)
Necklace - Atomic Kawaii Moon Necklace [Gold/Purple] 50L @ OMG Oh My Gacha
Sleepy Goat - Atomic Wish Master Goat Plush (gacha rare)
Bag - Atomic Kawaii Moon Shoulder Bag [Purple] (rare) 50L @ OMG Oh My Gacha
Ring - Atomic Kawaii Moon Ring [Gold/Purple] 50L @ OMG Oh My Gacha


Baja Norte

I decided to swatch all of the Yuki tones without my fat lips on this time because, firstly, not everyone has the mouth, and secondly, the lips on the base skin are really pretty, so pretty even if you own the loudmouth you may not want to wear it with pretty little Yuki.

Tones A to E from right to left!

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