Of all the images I've managed to create I think this one might be my new favourite.

I'd like to welcome our newest sponsor, Cane Sutter of Folly.
If you haven't been to the main store yet I suggest you give it a turn because there are some truly beautiful items there, from delicate tattoo pattern layers, to eyes, to body jewels, if you're looking for something a little different or so detailed you find yourself zooming in on an earring for the 5th time to see just how the little dragon sits on the gem then take the TP and see for yourself.

The headdress Lyl's dolly self is wearing is currently on sale at We <3 Role-play with 25% off RRP until the 31st of July, you don't have long to snap it up from there but it will be up in the main store once the event is over.



Doll Body - COCO Doll Avatar
Doll Head - COCO Doll Head V001
Hair - Exile Rain Or Shine [Blacks]


Headdress - Folly Nouveau 225L @ We <3 Role-play


Label Motion Expressions


Decadent Courtesan

Did I mention options? The menu is so extensive I'm pretty sure you will never see the same combo twice and its ALL gorgeous. The flowers and the jewels can be worn and customised separately too!

The prettiest saddest song ever.
Because feels.

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