There's An Art To Infliction..

.. Headspill and homicide,
I'll burn it all just to light your eyes

I'll whet your dream of their ruin,
My sweet little libertine,
We'll fix it all with gasoline.

Film Noir makes me happy in my pants.
Femme Fatale time for little Lyl.



Skin - PumeC Marina [Winter]
Eyes - Insitu Mika [Dark Green] 0L (Group Gift, check notices!)
Hair - Emo-tions Pria [Reds]
Lashes - PumeC Marina Eyelashes (part of the skin pack)
Freckles - Random Matter Perfectly Flawed [Freckles&Moles]
Hands - SLink [Elegant]
Feet - SLink [High]
Bum - uLuckie Fitted Mesh Booty No.01


Lingerie - Blacklace Kindle [Beige]
Shoes - Ingenue Jolie [Creme] 50L @ The Arcade June 2014
(The Arcade has ended but there are tons of yard sales with these gorgeous shoes if you have to have them before the gacha gets put back into the store)


Necklaces - Heartistic Poseidons Pearl Necklace [White]
(only 149L and rigged <3)
Junbug Perles De La Mer [Pure]
Bracelet - Glow Studio Ribbon and Pearls [Nude]
Rings - Schadenfreude Simple Ring Trio
MG Duchess Dazzle Jewel [Small R Gold]


Anything For A Dollar: Sitting pose
(can't remember where I got this sorry!)
A Few Dollars More: XOXOmela Welcome Baby Got Back
Model Shots: oOo Studio Sexpot (group gift 100L join fee)


Anything For A Dollar:

Bed - Art Dummy! Slumber [Wood Plain] 50L (store gacha)
Camera - Follow Us Vintage Set Lights Camera [Retro]
Dummies & Dresser - AF Vintage France Gacha 75LThe Arcade June 2014
Poppies - AF Vanity Gacha 25L

A Few Dollars More:

Sofa - Scarlet Creative Working From Home Sofa [Cotton Linen] 88L
Rug - Designer Prims Fur Rug 99L 
(part of fully furnished prefab!)
Wall Hanging - AF Vintage France Gacha 75LThe Arcade June 2014
Fan - Art Dummy! Breeze [White] 50L

Apartment - Scarlet Creative Work Live Loft

Congratulations if you made it this far down!
Push Play, if you like it, snag this song FREE from Blue Stahli's soundcloud.
Yeah thats right, I don't just do second life freebies ;D

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