OMG It's A Hurl!

So, I've been working all damn week, and now its time for me to throw all of this awesome stuff at your face! Yeah, mush it all right in there, feeeeeeeeeeeeel the aaaawesooooome.

It's almost time for the kids to go back to doing that whole education thing they hate so much, and this round of The Pier Market is going back to school too, so Lyl channelled her inner adorable to become a cute little senpai!
No. She will not notice you. Senpai has better stuff to do, like being adorable, and buying more cat shoes.



Skin - Insitu Olly [Ton C]

Eyes - Buzzeri Mysteria Eyes [Nebula] 70L
Hair - Lamb Sacred [Ginger]
Hands - SLink [Elegant & Relaxed]
Feet - SLink [Flat]


Lashes - Void Eyelashes [Wisp]

(I have lost this store yet again. They keep moving and making me cry.)
Freckles - Insitu Olly Freckles (part of the Olly skin pack)
Blush - Insitu Olly Blush (part of the Olly skin pack)
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails [School Daze - Chalkboard Drawings] 99L @ The Pier Market August 2014


Top - Kyoot Two Sugars Top [Taupe] 55L

Skirt - The Second Star Calliope [Cornflower] 85L @ The Pier Market August 2014
Shoes - Intrigue Co. Cat's Meow Flats [White] 100L


Bangles - *MM* Double Gold Resin Bangles 10L

*MM* Resin Bangles [Multiple] 10L
Book - Static Bookworm [Single Blue]


Model Shots: Label Motion Expressions
Expressive Poses Candice 0L



Nails, so many gawd damn nails! Lyl has been skipping around in a girly fit of joy since we became official bloggers for the ever awesome Dark Passions (you may have seen me blog the nails once, or twice, or maybe three times... I like that nail set ok. Its weird. Kinda like my brain) AND Insitu have a new skin out that is so sweet I think I just got diabeetus, well, could have been that, could have been the 3 brownies I ate for lunch... 

Too many options to picture here so I chose my favourites from each Koffin Nails pack!
1: School Daze - Chalkboard Drawings 99L @ The Pier Market
2: Scarlett Special: Bacon 10L @ The Pier Market
3: French Manicure Black Tips 99L - in store soon
4: Tar Dipped 99L - in store soon

Olly comes in four tones, and as always is a beautifully soft skin with very nice natural looking brows.
1: Ton A 2: Ton B 3: Ton C 4: Ton D
(pictured with included freckles and blush)
The marketplace store is currently being redone with new vendor images so the skins will currently only be available through the in world store, but if you check around there are some adorable new freebies and the new Kalina store to wander around!

We love you Bunny. <3

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