Once Upon A Time...

... a boy with moonlight in his eyes,
put his hand in mine and said he loved me so,
but that was once upon a time, very long ago

Finally getting to play with outfits and blog again after uni stole my brain completely for a while. This dress from Distorted Dreams has to be one of my favourite things lately, I keep blogging dresses so simply but honestly, they just don't need much accompaniment.
You see those little strips of silver on the hems? Yeah those are metallic in world, in ultra settings they shimmer and glitter like the edging has been woven from silver thread.
I love it.
Combine that with the new Beusy body moles and you've got a really really happy me <3


Skin - Aya Anna [Glazed Pears/06] 999L (appliers sold separately)
Hair - Olive The Anna Hair [Glitter] (store moving!)
Eyes - Angelica Angelic Eyes [Duet] (only in fatpack)
Mouth - Loud Mouth [Brandee] (older version - no longer available)
Body - Maitreya [Lara]


Brows - Nox Nyx brows
Lips - Aya Anna [Glazed Pears/01]
Moles - Beusy Full Body Moles 250L (multiple options and omega appliers included)


Dress - Distorted Dreams Daphia [Purple] 125L @ Totally Top Shelf


Once - Kirin Ivy
Model Shots - Kirin Nina



Yeahhhhhhh materials I tried to show a little of the shimmer on the boobs here but I'm awful at making gifs so I just caught some of the shine in a still :3

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