Bordello Days

You couldn't call life wonderful for working girls in 1872 but at least the corsets were pretty and the wine was cheap ;D



Skin - Pink Fuel Elsie [Lid 02 Black/Light] 100L @ The Arcade (gacha)
Hair - Magika Dreamy [Hud 01]
Eyes - Buzzeri Arcane Eyes [Amber] 79L


Lashes & Liner - Lovely Alien Starry Lashes 50L
Freckles - (n/a)
Beauty Mark - Belleza Beauty Marks (n/a)
Lip Gloss - Dead Apples Lip Gloss 50L


Corset & Panties - Pixicat Temptation Corset [Black nr.3] 75L The Arcade (gacha)


Necklaces - Luminary Boleyn Necklace [L] 50L (gacha)
Lassitude & Ennui Stacked Pearls Necklace 0L
Stockings - Atomic Slouchy Knee Socks [Shell] (n/a)


Night Flowers - (n/a)
Model Shots - oOo Studio Adrienne
oOo Studio Sexpot 0L (group gift 100L join fee)



Skin - VCO Vivi's Makeup Recipie [04] 100L The Arcade (gacha)
Eyes - Ikon charm eyes [Hazel]

Hair - Beusy Thena 225L per pack or 1125L for the fatpack @ We <3 RP
Lips - VCO Vivi's Makeup Recipie [Mesh Lip 01] 100L The Arcade (gacha rare)


Lashes - Lovely Alien Starry Lashes 50L


Corset & Panties - Pixicat Temptation Corset [White nr.3] 75L The Arcade (gacha)


Necklace - Random Matter Daphne Necklace [Gold/White]
Bracelet - Fawny Sweet Rose.Bracelet [Gold]
Rings - Random Matter Daphne Ring [Gold]
Stockings - Antielle Baroque Corset Stockings [Neutrals] @ IDK 
Parasol - The Sugar Garden Ruffle Parasol [Sherbert] 50L @ The Arcade (gacha)


Skybox - Apple Fall New York Apartment
Walls - Theosophy Wall Panels [Whitewash] 50L (FLF item, still out in store)
Bed - Kalopsia Le Lit de la Marquise [Black] 100L
Mirror, Side Table & Vase - Kalopsia Le Miroire de la Marquise
Ottoman - Nomad Amore Ottoman 75L @ The Arcade (gacha)
Letters - Nomad Amore Loveletters 75L The Arcade (gacha)
Tray - Nomad Industrial High Culture Fruit & Candles Tray 75L (gacha)
Cello - Nomad Industrial High Culture Cello 75L (gacha)
Busts - Nomad Amore Bust 75L The Arcade (gacha)
Nomad Industrial High Culture Classical Bust 75L (gacha)
Paintings - Apple Fall Mayfair Gilt Frame Landscape 50L (gacha)
Apple Fall Mayfair Gilt Frame Portrait 50L (gacha)
Rug - Designer Prims Fur Rug (part of the Heritage home)

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