Love is my religion,
Hey you can take it or leave it,
And you don't have to believe it,
Love is my religion



Skin: Vco - Hena @ The Seasons Story
Eyes: Umeboshi - Glimmer Eyes [Dark Brown] @ The Seasons Story
Hair: Blues - Lunaire @ Hair Fair (noirette sim) 0L
Hairbase: The Skinnery Curly Hairbase (group gift) 0L


Nail Appliers - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Lunar Tidings [Maitreya] @ Wizarding Fair 100L
Eyeliner: League - Classic Eyeliner (gift) 0L

Top: Vinyl Jagger Love [Tan] @ Project Limited
Skirt - Heartistic Ruffle Jean Skirt [Black] @ Project Limited
Shoes: Zenith - Shanti @ Fameshed

Piercing: The Horror - Teeny Septum [Gold]
Bangles: Pure Poison - Stacked Bracelets

Bindi: Mons - Free Bindi - no longer available
Rings: Reign - Boho Rings [Gold] (gahca common) 50L
Necklace: Kibitz - Not so pricey necklace [Onyx] @ Oh My Gacha 50L


MainNanas Cherries Friends Selfie 20L
Model Shots - Marukin - Poppy [Summer Recollectin] - store rebuild so not available at the moment.



Skin - Mudskin Juicy Bell [Mandarin/Sunny] 100L @ Candy Fair (gacha rare)
Eyes - Operate Just For Mai Eyes [Mariel] 50L @ Kowai Kawaii
Hair - Beusy Sol [Blondes] 250L @ Hair Fair (brunette sim)
Hairbase - The Skinnery Curly Hairbase (group gift)
Mouth - Loud Mouth Brandee
Teeth - Okkbye Parted Lippy v2


Brows - Random Matter Ashri Brows 50L
Nails - Random Matter Holidaze Nails 90L
Alyce Slink Nail Polish - 110 Colour Fatpack 90L


Top - Vinyl Jagger Love [Blue] 200L @ Project Limited
Skirt - Heartistic Ruffle Jean Skirt [Dark Blue] 249L @ Project Limited
Shoes - Bomshie Bom Bon Sandal [Blue] (n/a)


Head Chain - Blueberry (Gift) 0L @ Hair Fair (redhead sim)
Bracelets - Boom Friendship Bracelet [Carnation, Mint, Pattern Blue] 25L (gacha common)
Phone - The Sugar Garden Keitai Smart Phone [Beary san/Black] 50L (gacha common)


Model Shots - Kirin Nina (n/a)


ANE Wonderland Grass Patch (wonderland gacha) @ The Chapter Four 75L
Digital Dream Party Fire Camp Ionic - Bonfire Log Seat (the secret garden gacha) @ The Chapter Four 75L
Ionic- Forest Stumps (the secret garden gacha) @ The Chapter Four 75L
Half Deer Fennec Fox - Playful 1 (fennec fox gacha) 65L

Half Deer Fennec Fox - Sleepytime (fennec fox gacha) 65L
Indie Teepee - Teepee - Ombre Feather w/lights @ Indie Teepee
Indie Teepee - Ukelele - Wood Etched - Owl @ Indie Teepee
Indie Teepee - Danceman - Doodles @ Indie Teepee
Indie Teepee - Sunglasses - Feathers @ Indie Teepee

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