People have given her many names, but by far her favourite is Eris.
It is strange how seductive gods and mortal's find strife, from the simple spark of jealousy, helped along with nothing but lust, they bend to her will, causing the destruction of cities and the decimation of armies.

An injury to her pride pricked at Eris' cunning mind, slighted for her mischievous nature and forbidden from the wedding of Thetis and the mortal Peleus, Eris threw into the party an apple, no ordinary apple, but a golden fruit, addressed only 'for the fairest'.
In her reflection Eris had known that where her own pride was injured, the pride and vanity of the other goddesses surely matched or exceeded her own. Upon finding the fruit, three of the greatest of the goddesses began to squabble amongst themselves, and called upon Zeus to answer who was the most beautiful, Hera, Aphrodite, or Athena. Reluctant to answer such a loaded question, Zeus called upon a mortal known for his fair judgement, a boy named Paris, to decide for the three women, which of them deserved the apple.
This boy, raised by shepherds, exiled from his true home due to a prophesy that he would be the downfall of his father's city, Troy, was dazzled by the power and grace of the three divine women, recognising his confusion the women promised him bribes in exchange for his decision in their favour. Hera offered the boy power beyond is wildest dreams, Athena offered him wisdom beyond all other men, but Aphrodite offered him the hand of the most beautiful woman in the world. Paris chose Aphrodite, and was granted Helen, the wife of the king of Greece.
The rest, as they say, is history.
Troy was bound to fall, prophesy can rarely be avoided, but when the blood had been shed, the city raised to the ground, heroes dead, and the anger spent, it was Eris who walked away with a smile playing on her lips, another golden apple in hand.


Head - LeLutka [Karin]
Skin - Mudskin Ivy 0L (lucky board skin, maitreya and lelutka appliers only)
Hair - Lamb Pandora [Variety]
Eyes - Dead Apples Phantom Eyes [Snow] 89L


Dress - The Fallen Caelestis [Bronze & White]


Necklace - Mandala Fearless [Gold]
Wings - DRD Devine Wings [Veins] 160L (resized for image)
Bracelet - Aisling Eunice Bracelets [Gold] 50L (gacha common)


Posetivity Kayla


Ruins - Prefabrica Ruins 02
Chariot - DRD Roman Chariot [Battlefield] 550L PG 899L Adult (clean and battlefield versions included)

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