Lost in a dream

Neverwish have some new pretties for you!

Thumbelina corsets available @ Jackpot Gacha for 30L per pull. There are lots of lovely colours available. You can collect the matching butterfly egg necklace through the hunt happening @ Jackpot Gacha, just search for the balloon to get a pack containing 3 colours.


Skin - Pink Fuel Vamp
Hair - Tableau Vivant Breeze
 Manicure - Dark Passions Butterfly French Tips [Maitreya] 100L


Face - Kooqla Winterbloom [White] (group gift) 0L
Tattoo -  Things. - Vayiane white tattoo @ The Fantasy Gacha 75L


Corset - Neverwish Thumbelina [Snow] (gahca common) @ Jackpot Gacha 30L


Necklace - Neverwish Butterfly Egg Necklace [Silver] @ Jackpot Gacha 0L
 Wings - Angelwing Adorabelle [White] 25L


1 - Signature Pose - Queen of the night - no longer available
2 - Marukin - Poppy - no longer available



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