Sweet dreams are made of this,

Who am I to disagree?

The Arcade is back, and you know what that means.
More goodies from the brilliant brains over at DRD, this round you can play for oodles of haunted goodies, from decor, to furniture, and even a chance at the haunted house to contain it all. Whether you're out to investigate the paranormal, create the set of your very own horror movie, or commune with the ghost of your long dead alt, this is the place to do it.
The Mystery Mansion set has a total of 32 pieces to collect, 29 common and 3 rare, at only 75L per pull!
Also featured are items from The Studios gacha which will be in the DRD main store soon, and the gorgeous Vengeful Valentine nails from Dark Passions.



Skin - The Skinnery Gemma [Champagne/6] 100L (gacha common)
Hair - Lamb Miss Mabel v2 [Blacks Pack] 75L (gacha common)
Eyes - Random Matter Fracture Eyes [Ice] 95L


Wrinkles - Izzie's hangover Face Tattoos [Anger Wrinkles]
Blood - Ama. All Over Blood Splatter
Clemmm Bloody Hands
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails [Vengeful Valentine] 100L


Lingerie - BlackLace Lavine [Black] @ Vintage & Cool 


Knife - Yellow Jester Bloody Chef's Knife (n/a)


Seated - (n/a)
Standing - Expressive Poses Rita 1L


Skin - Pink Fuel Doll V2 Vamp
Eyes - Random Matter Descent Eyes [Ghost]
Hair - Argrace Akane [White] includes pose used in pictures (#3)


Body Blood - Antielle Chopstick @ Festival of Sin [Gluttony]
Feet Blood - Clemmm Filthy Feet


Butcher Knife - CerberusXing Butchered Face @ Suicide Dollz


DRD Mystery Mansion [Mansion, Attic Junk, Haunted Creepy Doll, Bath Tub, Ouiji, Wall Textures, Wiccan Pentagram] 75L @ The Arcade
DRD The Studios [Director's Chair, Film Rolls, & Vintage Camera]
Boudoir Bloody Splatter 90L


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