You'll Be Mine

Prick your finger on a spinning wheel,
But don't make a sound,
Drop of blood and now you're taken,
For all time,
With a kiss you will awaken,
And you'll be mine

The Arcade is still going strong and doesn't close until the 30th of september so you still have ample chance to go back and play those machines you missed or give your favourites another try for that elusive rare. The rare I couldn't live without this round has to be my DRD library set, I haven't taken this set down from when I built it on the day The Arcade opened and I'm pretty sure it now has a permanent place in Lyl's witchy home.
Fawny has a beautiful new dress out at The Chapter Four for only 150L per colour, there are 6 options to choose from but all come complete with a hud to change the colour of the lilies or to hide them completely!


Head - LeLutka [Stella]
Skin - Lara Hurley Alena [Pale]
Hair - Blue Olive Pumpkin Spice Hair @ The Arcade (gacha rare)
Blue Olive Pumpkin Bangs [#3] @ The Arcade (gacha common)


Nails - Alaskametro SLink applier [Desert/Gold] 25L


Dress - Fawny Delicate Lily Dress [Pink Turquoise] 150L @ The Chapter Four
Foot Wraps - ~i~ Pantone Foot Ribbon


Butterfly Pet - Enfant Terrible Moonchild Animated butterfly [Gold] 75L (gacha common)
Hair Butterflies - Exile Butterflies (part of the Wide Awake hair pack) (n/a)
Flower (including pose) - Infiniti Lakshmi [6] 50L (gacha common)


Ariskea [Astronome] The Building (gacha rare) (n/a try marketplace or yardsales!)
DRD Mystery Mansion Library 75L @ The Arcade (gacha rare)
DRD Mystery Mansion Wiccan Pentagram 75L @ The Arcade (gacha common)
8f8 Storyteller's Burrow Stairway To Knowledge 50L @ The Arcade (gacha common)
Aisling D.I.Y Love Potion Table [Brown] 50L @ The Arcade (gacha common)
Aisling D.I.Y Love Potion For The Paramour 50L @ The Arcade (gacha common)
Aisling D.I.Y Love Potion Philtres 50L @ The Arcade (gacha common)
Aisling D.I.Y Love Potion Flowers Cauldron 50L @ The Arcade (gacha rare)
Aisling D.I.Y Love Potion Candles And Hourglass 50L @ The Arcade (gacha common)
Aisling D.I.Y Love Potion Books 50L @ The Arcade (gacha common)
Aisling D.I.Y Love Potion Carpet Of Flowers 50L @ The Arcade (gacha common)
Keke Shimmer Cloud
Lisp Open Book 50L (part of the Little Spring Reader Set)
Pixicat Bastet Sphynx Sprawl 75L @ The Arcade (gacha common)
Aisling Not So Old Wood Thing 0L
Vespertine Down The Rabbit Hole Pegasus Automata 50L @ The Arcade (gacha rare)
Birdy Hocus Pocus Mr Toad [Black] 75L The Arcade (gacha common)
Birdy Hocus Pocus Owlie [Brown] 75L The Arcade (gacha common)
Consignment Stripped Candy Co. Cabinet
Aisling Love Potion 25L
Aisling True Love Potion 25L
Aisling Envy Poison 25L
Keke Curiosity Jar Eyeballs 50L (gacha common)
Songbird Deadly Poison Laudanum 50L (gacha common)
Songbird Deadly Poison Belladonna 50L (gacha common)
Songbird Deadly Poison Amatoxin 50L (gacha common)
Songbird Deadly Poison Cyanide 50L (gacha common)
Songbird Deadly Poison Wolfsbane 50L (gacha common)
Songbird Deadly Poison Arsenic 50L (gacha common)

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