Dirty Pretty

Goodies from Neverwish, CerberusXing, Haste, The Horror and Una @ The Gathering as well as a new hair from Beusy @ We <3 Roleplay! 


Skin - VCO Bella
Hair - Beusy Siren @ We <3 Roleplay 225L for Shades of cool/250L to 300L for other packs.
Eyes - Aii Arachnia Head/Eyes/Skin @ The Nightmare Event
Tongue - CerberusXing Tongue Trap Pierced @ Romp
Ears -  CerberusXing Elven Ear Split @ The Gathering 75L
Lashes - Lovely Alien Starry Eyelashes 


Face - Aii Inari Makeup [Red]
Body Tattoo - Antielle Amaterasu
Butt Tattoo - Antielle Spanks @ Romp


Corset - Neverwish Tubular Clincher [Blue] @ The Gathering 50L
Boots - CerberusXing Underground Threads [Black]
Harness - Haste  Moon Harness (gahca rare) [Black] @ The Gathering 75L
Cyberparts - The Horror Nip Shields [Black/Silver] @ The Gathering 50L
Cyberparts - The Horror  Gencover [Silver] @ The Gathering 50L


Crown - Una Mascarada Crown [Silver] @ The Gathering 50L
Cane - Una Mascarada Cane [Silver] @ The Gathering 50L
Arm Chains - Noodles Arm Chain [Silver]
Piercing - Dazed Anivia Nose Chain [Silver]
Dragon - Katat0nik Dragon (gacha rare) [White]
Talons - CerberusXing Lethal Talons [Black]

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