Little Horrors

New releases from Fawny, Beusy and Dark Passions :)

Fawny have a super fun pet cemetery gacha @ The Fantasy Collective. All pets are animated and the ultra rare is a ridable mount! There's Each yank will cost you 80L

Beusy have released bodysuits in 5 colours [Red/Blue/White/Black/Purple] With the option of nude/Bat pasties/Shell Pasties. Omega appliers & Tmp appliers are included. They cost 180L Each. 

Dark Passions Koffin Nails Bat Night are available @ slGoth Magazine Truth About Bats Event. (Oct. 15 til Oct 31, 2015) They cost 100L and are available for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. This is a charity event and 100 percent of your lindens for these nails are going to the Bat World Charity. 


Skin & Lips - VCO Bella
Eyes - VCO - Angie Lens (gacha common)
Hair - Olive The Glitch Hair


Manicure - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Bat Night @ slGoth Magazine Truth About Bats Event
Lashes - VCO Angie Eyelashes (gacha common)


Bodysuit - Beusy Black Bodysuit [Bat]


Septum - The Horror! Batty Septum
Choker - B.C.C Bella Cute bat choker Black @ Tag Gacha (Gachatopia)
Crown - The Forge Witcher Headpiece [Silver] (gacha rare) @ The Epiphany
Ring - The Forge Witcher Ring [Silver] @ The Epiphany
Candy - Katat0nik (bloody) Franken nerd candy (gacha common) @ Geeks'n'Nerds


Cat (sitting) - Fawny Pet Cemetary Bette and Dot Albino Decor
Cat (walking) - Fawny Pet Cemetary Bette and Dot Walking
Rabbit - Fawny Pet Cemetary Frankie Rabbit [Dark]


Rocking Chair - Vespertine spiderweb rocking chair @ Tag Gacha (Gachatopia)
Alter - May's Soul Dark Magic Alter @ The Epiphany
Bottles - May's Soul Dark Magic Bottles @ The Epiphany
Potions - May's Soul Dark Magic Potions @ The Epiphany
Runes - May's Soul Dark Magic Runes @ The Epiphany
Tarrot - May's Soul Dark Magic Tarrot @ The Epiphany
Cauldron - May's Soul Dark Magic Cauldron @ The Epiphany
Rug - Cheeky Pea Burton Rug

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