Winter Wonderland

Fawny have a selection of festive goodies for you to snag at The Arcade
The commons include wooly jumpers to keep you warm in either tree print, snowflake print or a plain one with a cute little pocket bunny cute little cat companions that are holdable as well as deer for decor to make your winter scenes beautiful. 
The rares are a rideable reindeer mount and a reindeer companions. Both rares include a colour hud. Each pull on the gacha costs 75L.



Head - Catwa Annie [Vampire]
Skin - Glam Affair Denis [America/11] (n/a gacha rare)
Hair - Spellbound Blizzard [Magic/Pastels] @ The Arcade (gacha common) 75L
Eyes - Dead Apples Shattered [Atlantis]
Blush - The Skinnery Winter Blush Tres Chic
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Whispers Of Winter @ Winter Trend (opens 4th December)


Sweater - Fawny Winter Wonderland Sweater [Red N2] @ The Arcade (gacha common) 75L
Pants - Fishy Strawberry Snowday Pants [Grey] @ The Dressing Room 70L
Shoes - KC Couture Yeti Winter Boots 99L


Gift - Lisp Tiny Blue Gift Box 100L
Pet - Fawny Winter Wonderland Deer Companion @ The Arcade (gacha rare)


Main - oOo Studio Gifted
Close Up 1 - Label Motion Paola
Close Up 2 - Label Motion Paola
Close Up 3 - Label Motion Jewelry



Head - Catwa Jessica
Skin - Lara Hurley Laura [Milky]
Hair - Tableau Vivant Starry Night [Blowing/Pack2] The Arcade (gacha rare) 50L
Eyes - Ikon Charm Eyes [Oxidation]
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Luminous Lylanis


Sweater - Fawny Winter Wonderland Sweater [Red N2] @ The Arcade (gacha common) 75L
Leggings - Erratic Melissa Leggings [Darks] @ Collaor88
Shoes - KC Couture Yeti Winter Boots 99L 


Main - Axix Lady Crow
Close up 1 & 3 - Marukin Midnight N/A
Close up 2 - Lapin My hands 


Inverse Frosted Sky Platform 99L
Dysfunctional Designs Ornamental Gazebo
Dysfunctional Designs Frilly Pines
Dysfunctional Designs Low Poly Trees
What Next Flakey The Snowman The Arcade (gacha common) 50L
What Next Winter Bike [Decor] The Arcade (gacha common) 50L
Apple Fall Christmas Tree (gacha rare)
Floorplan Crate Sled @ Tannenbaum 50L
Lisp Victorian Streetlamp
Fawny Winter Wonderland Standing Deer The Arcade (gacha common) 75L
Fawny Winter Wonderland Relaxing Deer The Arcade (gacha common) 75L
Fawny Winter Wonderland Frisky Deer The Arcade (gacha common) 75L

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