Love Sick


Head - .Offbeat. love sick / sick face 01 (gacha rare) @ The Chapter Four
Hair - Moon Sappy (gacha rare) 75L @ The Arcade
Eyes - Mudskin Miro eyes #10 120L
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Pissing Pastels 100L


Shorts - Vinyl Ella Outfit (includes a top) 170L @ The Liasion Collaborative
Top - Vinyl Nowell Cropped Tee & bra 


Pills - .Offbeat. love sick heart pills [pink] (gacha common) @ The Chapter Four
Choker - Kibitz - Stretch choker cat (gacha rare)
Bracelet - Half Deer Purrfect Patisserie Neko Donut Bracelet (gacha common) @ The Arcade
Phone - The Sugar Garden Keitai Smart Phone Creepy Cute (gacha rare)
Earphones - Muschi Earphones


House - DRD Lovers nest cottage (gacha rare) 75L @ The Arcade
Bed - BunBun Day Dream Dreamer's Bed (gacha rare) 50L
Pillow - BunBun DayDream Pillows (gacha common) 50L
Cat bed - Half Deer Cozy Cat Condo [Candy Pink] @ Collabor88
Cat - Half Deer Purrfect Patisserie [Strawberry Princess] Lay @ The Arcade
Cake - Half Deer Purrfect Patisserie Rainbow Heaven Cake
Cat - Half Deer & Le poppycock Kitty Galore Cats are forever (part of pose pack)
Rug - Half Deer Messy Blanket/Rug [Catty Print Pink]
Pills - .Offbeat. love sick empty2 pills @ The Chapter Four
Photo - Floorplan. single photo
Messy Clothes - dust bunny wanderlust thrown shirt (gacha common) @ The Arcade


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