Lyl is stealing stars with new hair from Beusy, and her top & dress from Sorbet at Crystal Heart Festival, as well as new nails from Dark Passions at the Pulse Fundraiser!


Skin - Pink Fuel Doll v2 [Vamp]
Hair - Beusy Pendelum [Pastels] 250L basics / 300L specials / 1500L fatpack @ Crystal Heart Festival
Hairbase - The Skinnery Innocence Hairbase (n/a)
Eyes - Buzzeri Voodoo [Midnight]
Brows - Nox Renae Brows (tinted) 100L
Lashes - Lovely Alien Starry Lashes 50L
Liner - #adored Star Power Liner (n/a)
Eyebags & Shading - #adored Eye Extras [Eye Shading v1 & Nose/Eyebag Emphasis v2] (tinted) 100L
Moon - BBB Black Moon Crescent 5L
Lips - Loud Mouth Brandee
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Pulse (100% donation item) 80L @ Pulse Fundraiser


Piercing - Punch Ivy Clip On Nose Ring [Black Steel] (gacha common) 50L
Choker - The Horror Penta Choker 99L
Top - Sorbet Doki-Doki Top [Sugoi] 150L each / 1000L fatpack @ Crystal Heart Festival
Dress - Sorbet Robe de Chat [Noir] 175L each / 1900L fatpack @ Crystal Heart Festival
Sleeves - Silentsparrow Snugglewarmers [Spooky Stripe] (gacha common) 50L
Socks - Sn@tch Sparkle Over-Knee Socks
Shoes - Dilly Dolls Dasha Pumps v2 [Black] 75L


22769 Bauwerk To the Moon and Beyond
DarkendStare Nebula Clouds [Iridescent]
Keke Star Glitter
Infiniti Oh My Stars (prop included with pose set)

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