Skin Fair 2017

Another year, another Skin Fair!
Are you as excited as we are?

The fair opens on March 10th so check back here for landmarks when they are ready to be released! The PGP Info group is the one you need to join in world to pick up all of your sparkly demos, they are being given out via the notices right now, so head on over and join. As a second perk of being in the group you can access the event 12 hours early so for those who don't want to sit with their tp spam hud on it might be an idea to snag your want list while the preview is open. 'But girls, don't I have to pay to get all these awesome perks?' I hear you ask. No, dearest readers you do not! Group membership is completely free! Just paste the following link into your browser and hit the link that pops up to join:

As always please be mindful to go in a low impact outfit or best of all alpha yourself to nothing as a strict low impact policy will be enforced to minimise lag and make your shopping experience as fun, easy, and fuss free as possible.

Please check back for a full list of landmarks on the 10th March so your shopping experience is enjoyable.

Sim 1

Sim 2

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