Oh my goodness, the new #Foxy hair is SO CUTE!! I love how you can change from a cat beanie to a regular beanie <3 there's the usual hair options in the pack.. this one allows for multiple beanie colours/patterns and some fringe styles (aka bang styles, sorry i'm British and we say fringe here!)
The Tini hair is available @ N21 so go grab it now! :)


Head - Catwa Lona 
Skin - Insol Mia [Creme]
Eyebrows - Okkbye Aurora Brows @ Etoile
Eyelashes - Okkbye Lunar Eyelashes @ Etoile
Eyes - Suicidal Unborn Astrid Eyes
Lipstick - Bossie Cherry Lipstick
Eyeshadow - Wednesday[+] Von M Eyeshadows @ Uber
Hair - #Foxy Tini Hair @ N21


Top - Spirit Alexix top @ Uber
Shorts/Shirt - Miss Chelsea Effi Shorts [Red]
Fishnets - Villena Fishnets 
Boots - Vale Koer Storm Stompers
Knee Pads - Miss Chelsea Remy Kneepads
Glasses - taketomi clique002 (a hair that includes glasses)
Piercing - Suicidal Unborn Bento Piercing 03

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