Winter Bunnies

Bishy (in pink)

Head - Catwa Lona
Skin - Insol Mia [Creme]
Eyes - ArteTranslucent Eyes @ Cosmopolitan
Lipstick - Arte Natural Lip Balm @ The Chapter Four
Eyebrows - Okkbye aurora eyebrows @ Etoile
Blush - Wednesday[+] Under Eye Blusher @ Etoile
Body Blush - Momochuu Bunny Blusher (gacha rare)
Hair - Bold & Beauty Mia @ Shiny Shabby
Bangs - Truth Bangs Collection
Nails - Dark Passions Pissing Pastels


Bra/Panties - Moon Elixir Moon Elixir Rich Girl Bikini [Snow] @ District 20
Jacket - Moon Elixir Rich Girl Coat @ District 20
Shoes - Candydoll Carolina Heels
Glasses - Evermore Baxter Glasses
Hairband - le fil casse Marlena Collection Headband [White]
Heart - Peaches Kokoro Crystal Heart Implant gold @ Etoile

 Lyl (in black)


Head - Catwa Lona
Hair - Beusy Wasabi Poms [Fatpack] @ Cosmopolitan
Eyes - Suicidal Unborn Darcey [Fatpack]
Brows - Okkbye Adumbrate Eyebrows
Lashes - Okkbye Lunar Eyelashes Etoile
Blush - Wednesday [+] Under Eye Blusher Etoile
Lips - Nox Nami Lip
Body Blush - Evermore Body Blush
Nails - Pink Hustler Lovely Nails [#11] (gacha common)


Bikini - Moon Elixir Rich Girl Bikini [Onyx] District 20
Coat - Moon Elixir Rich Girl Goat [Onyx] District 20
Shoes - Moon Elixir Rich Girl Shoes District 20
Hairband - Le Fil Casse Marlena Collection Headband [Black] (gacha common)
Choker - Amala The Kylie Choker [Single]


Plush Bunnies on bench - Half Deer Lazypuff Bunny - Carrotblade the Grim (black) Half Deer Lazypuff Bunny - Cozy Cute (pink)
Bunnies holding things - Half Deer Snow Day Bunnies
Bunnies with flowers in their hair - Half Deer Secret Garden Bunny Snow Better View
Grey bunnies - Fawny Forest Friend.Bunny
Bench - Half Deer The Sheltering Leaf w/ Bench Winter
Path - Half Deer Lighted Pathway
Well - Scarlet Creative Winter Well Snow
Trees - Dysfunctionality Frilly Pine

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